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After Liao Xintong finished speaking, she hurriedly called out, “Grandpa Lu, Grandma Lu, Aunt, Im really sorry.

I was so excited when I saw Gun Gun that I forgot to greet you first.”

“Its okay.

Have a seat.” Madam Lu smiled.

Technically speaking, she shouldnt be receiving Liao Xintong at home today.

That would be disrespectful to Su Bei.

However, Su Bei wasnt respecting the Lu family either.

Madam Lu had already given her many chances to give up her career.

With Liao Xintong around, it was good to give Su Bei some pressure.

Madam Lu had always been skillful in the business world.

Naturally, her ability to manipulate people was on par with others.

“If you hadnt come, I would have forgotten to send Gun Gun to your place today.” Madam Lu smiled and said, “Gun Gun, quickly come and greet your aunt.”

Gun Gun was seriously eating his dessert.

He looked up and greeted, “Aunt.”

Liao Xintong felt an itch in her heart.

She recalled how Gun Gun had called herMommy over the phone last time.

If he called herMommy in front of so many elders now, how great would that be for her

She smiled and said, “Gun Gun, do you remember what you called me on the phone last time”

Gun Gun looked at her and lowered his head.

Lu Weijian had already brought Da Bao into the game room to play games, but he was still paying attention to what was happening outside.

Da Bao, on the other hand, ignored everything else and continued playing games.

“Da Bao, stay here and play.

Im going out to see the demoness.” Lu Weijian walked out.

Upon seeing Lu Weijian, Liao Xintong immediately stood up and greeted him with a smile.



Her eyes scanned the surroundings.

Gun Gun was here, and so was Lu Weijian.

She wondered if Lu Heting was back as well.

Thinking of this, her smile became even more fervent.

She walked to Gun Gun and coaxed him in a low voice.

“Gun Gun, what did you call me last time When we were on the phone together.”

“I called youMommy that time,” Gun Gun said.

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of the three seniors changed.

Obviously, Liao Xintong, who had obtained Gun Guns acknowledgment, had become even more important in their hearts.

Liao Xintong had immense support, while Su Bei had Da Bao.

Both women had their own advantages and disadvantages, but they were almost on par with each other.

If that was the case, the three elders would have to think about it carefully.

Lu Weijian was shocked.

‘Brother, how did your son become a traitor

Liao Xintong was so happy that her voice was trembling.

She said in a low voice, “Gun Gun, thank you for calling me that.

Im really very excited.

This is the happiest moment in my life.

Can you call me that again”

Lu Weijian wanted to cover his mouth.

What was wrong with this nephew of his Why did he betray them so quickly

He was about to step forward when Old Master Lu raised his walking cane and blocked his leg.

Gun Gun looked up and said straightforwardly, “No.”

Everyone was speechless.

The entire living room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Liao Xintongs expression changed slightly, but she was still as gentle as ever.

“Why, Gun Gun You just called me that.”

“I dont want to call you that.” Gun Gun ate a mouthful of food.

Lu Weijian was so touched that he wanted to give Gun Gun a thumbs up.

Good job!

Liao Xintong was starting to lose her composure, but she had no choice but to continue, “Ill be very happy if you call me that.”

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