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Old Master Lu had been married to her for decades, so he understood what she meant with just a glance.

He also looked at how scrumptiously Gun Gun ate the food and was deep in thought.

Madam Lus heart ached as she said, “Dont worry, eat slowly.

If you like it, Ill get the butler to send it to you every day after this, okay”

Gun Guns mouth was full.

He held his small bowl and ran in front of Su Bei.

He said in a daze, “Bei Bei, you too.

Have a try.

It tastes really good…”

Su Beis beautiful face blossomed into a brilliant smile.

Gun Gun immediately fed her and was eager to give all his delicious food to Su Bei.

Then, he said to Madam Lu, “You dont have to send it to me.

The one Bei Bei makes tastes even better! I can eat five big bowls of it!”

Old Master Lu, Old Madam Lu, and Madam Lu were slapped in the face.

Gun Gun just liked to eat.

It was not because he was mistreated over there and could not eat his fill.

On the other hand, Lu Weijian was also eating with his head lowered.

The three elders expressions changed again.

They couldnt possibly think that Lu Weijian hadnt eaten his fill either, right

Lu Heting did not know about their inner thoughts, but he did know a little.

He held Su Beis hand and said to the elders, “Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Ill bring Su Bei around the old residence.”

“Go, go.” The old man only had eyes for Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Lu Heting sat there with a cold face, which hindered them from admiring the child.

It would be better if he left.

Lu Heting had just left when the butler came in and reported, “Old Master, Old Madam, Madam, Miss Liao is here.”

Lu Weijian snapped.

“Why is she here”

The butler had no choice but to remind him, saying, “Its about time for Young Master Gun Gun to go to the Liao family today.”

“Let her in.” Weijian pouted.

The butler went to bring her in.

Lu Weijian brought Da Bao along and said, “Lets go and play games.

We dont have to meet this kind of woman.”

Madam Lu didnt like Liao Xintong that much.

However, compared to Su Bei, Liao Xintong was very sensible and obedient.

She would never go against her elders.

Moreover, Liao Xintong graduated from a film academy and wanted to enter the entertainment industry as well.

With her ability, she would have no problems becoming famous.

However, when she heard that Madam Lu didnt like it, she immediately gave up on that idea and no longer associated herself with the entertainment industry.

She only focused on doing business and managing the company.

These actions were to please Madam Lu, so Old Master Lu and Madam Lu also thought highly of her.

To be able to restrain herself, give up the glory of those pretentious things like fame and fortune, as well as to distance herself from temptation… These were good traits in the eyes of the elders.

That was why Old Master Lu would occasionally leak some information to Liao Xintong.

He never wanted her to lose both the entertainment industry and business.

Lu Heting and Lu Weijian were probably the only ones who didnt like this woman.

Liao Xintong followed the butler in and saw Gun Gun at first glance.

A gentle and loving expression immediately appeared on her face.

It was the kind of genuine love that couldnt be faked.

She smiled and said, “Let me tell you, I felt refreshed and comfortable when I woke up this morning.

The flowers in the garden were blooming brightly too.

I knew that I would meet Gun Gun today.

Im so lucky!”

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