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Compared to Da Bao and Gun Gun, Lu Weijian was being neglected.

In the past, everyone doted on him, but now, he was no longer adored by his grandparents.

Old Madam Lu took the common chopsticks and picked up food for Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Gun Gun shouted crisply, “Thank you, Great-grandmother.”

“Thank you,” Da Bao said.

His personality was too similar to Lu Hetings, so the elders did not feel that he was cold.

They felt that this was normal.

It was normal for Lu Hetings son to be like Lu Heting.

Madam Lu also picked up some food for Su Bei and smiled very kindly.

“Su Bei, Im currently in the company and occasionally handle some matters.

I really need someone like you to help me.

Do you want to come over and help me”

“Me” Su Bei did not expect Madam Lu to say this out of the blue.

Madam Lu glanced at her son and smiled.

“Thats right.

Youre married to Heting.

Youll definitely be the mistress of Lu Group in the future.

You have to help him handle the family affairs and take charge of everything in the Lu family.

Its a good thing to train more now.”

Madam Lu was acknowledging Su Beis intentions, but there was another layer of meaning behind it.

She wanted Su Bei to give up her job in the entertainment industry and change to a more decent job so that she could adapt to her status as the mistress.

As Madam Lu said it implicitly and without any malice, Su Bei replied tactfully, “Mom, I cant abandon the work on my hands now.

I like my current situation, so Im really sorry but I cant help you.”

She still had a smile on her face, but it was not as wide as before.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu actually agreed with Madam Lu.

Su Beis job was obviously not appropriate considering Lu Hetings identity.

Especially in recent times, they often watched entertainment news and realized that there were many scandals surrounding Su Bei.

All of them shook their heads in displeasure.

Just as she was about to persuade Su Bei, Lu Heting spoke, “I think its good for Su Bei to do what she likes.

I never want to force my wife to help me at work.

I already have the ability to handle my own work, dont I, Mom”

“Thats true,” Madam Lu said lightly, but she did not think so.

Even if he did not need Su Beis help, it did not mean that Su Beis current choice was correct.

From the bottom of her heart, she was still unable to accept Su Bei.

The dining table was still warm, but Su Bei could feel the slight cracks.

After dinner, the whole family sat together for desserts.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu were afraid that Gun Gun and Da Bao had not eaten their fill, so they asked the butler to prepare desserts for them.

Da Bao was similar to Lu Heting.

After a few bites, he stopped eating.

However, Gun Gun carried the bowl and ate spoonful after spoonful.

Like Su Bei, he had no resistance to sweet food.

This scene, in the eyes of Old Madam Lu, had a different meaning.

She thought to herself,After all, Gun Gun is not Su Beis biological son.

Su Bei probably treats him differently from Da Bao.

Look at how he eats.

Is he being mistreated over there

She looked worriedly at Old Master Lu.

She was terrified by this situation and had many speculations.

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