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“Da Bao! Come over to Great-grandpa and Great-grandma!” Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu were so excited that their hands were trembling.

They reached out and pulled Da Bao over.

He looked exactly like Lu Heting when he was young!

The two elders were so excited that the wrinkles on their faces disappeared.

They smiled brightly like flowers and held Da Baos hand.

For a moment, tears welled up in their eyes.

Da Bao was not used to receiving so much warmth and affection.

Seeing that it was about time, Lu Heting reached out and brought Da Bao to his side.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Da Bao will come back often in the future.”

“Good, good.

Thats good.” The two elderlys feelings for Su Bei finally increased.

Su Bei calmly stood by the side.

She could understand that she was nothing to them.

Da Bao was a child related to them by blood, after all.

Anyway, they treated him well.

It was fine as long as they treated Da Bao well.

Old Master Lu had a lot of questions to ask.

Da Bao had stayed outside for five years.

Whenever he thought of how this obedient child had suffered for these five years, his heart ached.

“Su Bei, why didnt you bring Da Bao home earlier The Lu family would be Da Baos home sooner or later.

You and the child must have suffered a lot outside, right” Old Madam Lu said directly.

The old madam did not directly mention the fact that Su Bei had not visited them once in her six years of marriage to Lu Heting.

However, there was no lack of criticism in her words.

Lu Heting reached out and held Su Beis hand, interlocking their fingers.

“Grandma, Ive said it before.

Su Beis studies were very tight at that time and she found it hard to manage.

I also promised you that as long as Su Bei was free, I would bring her home to visit you.

As for Su Bei bringing Da Bao home, it was decided by me.

It has nothing to do with Su Bei.”

His words were neither fast nor slow.

He showed respect for his elders in his words, but anyone could tell that he was coming up with an excuse for Su Bei.

Su Bei could tell that in the past few years, her name had always been brought up in the Lu family.

It was not what she had imagined.

This was the first time it happened.

It turned out that when she left, Lu Heting had always been helping her.

It was precisely because of this that even though the elders had some complaints, they were still rather kind.

She tilted her head to look at Lu Heting.

The man beside her had been protecting her more than she thought.

Seeing Lu Heting defending Su Bei, the elders were speechless.

Even Old Master Lu, who initially wanted Su Bei to give up her job, did not say anything.

If he did, the situation today would probably end unhappily.

Old Master Lus heart was all on Da Bao now.

How could he bear to make the occasion today gloomy

Gun Gun saw that the adults were talking non-stop and ran over.

Old Madam Lu reached out to pick up Gun Gun and exclaimed, “Gun Gun has grown taller and stronger.

Great-grandma hasnt hugged Gun Gun in a long time.

Its almost impossible for me to carry you now, Gun Gun.”

However, compared to Da Bao, Gun Gun was still a head shorter.

It looked like it was one year younger.

If not for Da Baos expression, Old Madam Lu would have hugged both of them.

When it was time to eat, Old Master Lu happily invited everyone to the dining table and shouted to the butler, “Go, serve the dishes that the two little young masters like.”

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