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Su Bei could not help but laugh.

Gun Gun was really too cute!

Thats right.

For Gun Gun and Da Bao, she would do anything!

Gun Gun went to hold Da Baos hand again.

He raised his little head and said, “Big Brother Da Bao, the house here wasnt that beautiful in the past, but because you and Bei Bei are here now, it appears very glorious.”

Da Bao looked at him from the corners of his eyes.

“Thats calledones presence bringing light to a humble dwelling!”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Its my humble abode.

Big Brother Da Bao, youre so awesome.

Big Brother Da Bao knows so much.” Gun Gun had a look of admiration on his face, and his two big eyes were blinking brightly.

This little guy, Gun Gun, really had magic power.

He quickly eliminated Su Beis nervousness.

Lu Heting was beside Su Bei and protected her like a knight.

“Lets go in.”

Lu Weijian rushed out of the old residence with a face full of radiance.

“Brother, Sister-in-law, Da Bao, Gun Gun, come in quickly.

I miss you guys so much!”

Lu Weijian was the most relaxed person after knowing that his elder brother had revealed his identity to his sister-in-law.

Lu Weijian felt that it was too difficult to pretend to be a domineering president in front of the real president! It was even harder than playing mahjong!

He opened his arms and hugged Lu Heting.

Oh my God, his elder brother did not need to hide anymore!

After hugging his brother, he opened his arms to hug Su Bei… Ahem, he couldnt hug his sister-in-law.

He quickly retracted his hands, saving them from any harm.

He might as well carry Gun Gun with one hand and Da Bao with the other.

Da Bao politely declined.

He did not enjoy this overflowing enthusiasm.

He gave him anI appreciate it look, though.

Su Bei followed them into the spacious and luxurious living room.

The living room was decorated in an old style.

The handmade furniture pieces were all heavy and vintage, exuding the aura of the olden times.

The decorations occasionally showed signs of modernization, revealing the style of the owners.

Sitting on the sofa were two elderly people with white hair.

They were hale and hearty, looking charismatic.

They must be Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu.

There was also Madam Lu, whom she had met before.

She was sitting at the side, looking rich and beautiful.

She also had a calm smile on her face.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Su Bei and Da Bao have returned home.” Lu Hetings voice was calm and strong.

“Su Bei, this is Grandpa, Grandma, and Mom.”

“Grandpa, Grandma, Mom.” Su Bei greeted them one by one.

The elders all looked at Su Bei.

Even though they had seen her on TV and Madam Lu had seen Su Bei in person, Su Bei was exceptionally beautiful today.

She looked better than on TV.

Her looks were even more breathtaking than when Madam Lu saw her previously.

Now that the elders saw her in person and saw that she was poised and elegant, the resentment in their hearts lessened a little.

They calmly invited Su Bei to sit down.

“Grandpa, Grandma, look at Da Bao!” Lu Weijian pushed Da Bao to the elders.

As Madam Lu had seen Da Bao before, she was not that agitated from excitement.

Old Master Lu and Old Madam Lu had been talking about Da Bao for a long time, but this was the first time they were seeing Da Bao in real life.

They only saw that Da Bao and Lu Heting looked like they were carved from the same mold.

That pair of deep and handsome eyes, those beautiful and sharp lips, and his cold and aloof temperament made people love him more and more.

The longer they looked at him, the more they could not bear to part with him.

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