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Of course, Su Bei had to admit that Lu Hetings temperament was excellent.

When he occasionally stood in front of the French window with a cup of coffee and looked outside, he gave her the feeling that he was showing off his power.

Only at times like this would she feel that he was not only her husband but also the head of a multinational corporation.

Sensing Su Beis gaze, Lu Heting turned around with a hint of doting on his face.

He reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

Only then could he feel that his current existence was real.

“Mom told us to go home for a meal.

They want to see Da Bao.”

“Oh, right.

So, who are the elders in the family” Su Bei then realized that she had indeed never been to his house before.

Previously, she thought that Lu Heting was worried that she would be busy, so he empathized with her and did not bring her home.

She was slightly perturbed.

She had never been good at complicated family relationships.

Lu Heting understood this as well.

She had been through a lot in the Su and Tang families, so he naturally wouldnt give her too much pressure.

“I have my grandparents and mother at home.

Lu Weijian isnt my biological brother.

Hes my aunts child, but he was raised by my mother since he was young.

He grew up with me in the Lu family, so hes the closest to me.

Youve already met him,” Lu Heting explained in detail.

“So dont feel too pressured.

Ill get Lu Weijian to come along.”

Su Bei gently nodded.

Thinking about it, she was quite nervous.

The next day happened to be the weekend, and Su Beis scenes were also coming to an end.

As Rong Xiu and Han Feng had joined late, their scenes were more important than Su Beis.

Director Guo waved his hand and gave Su Bei leave to do whatever she needed to do.

Lu Heting changed cars and brought Su Bei, D Bao, and Gun Gun home.

As the car drove out of the main road and onto a quiet tree-lined street, a rather ancient-looking house slowly appeared in front of them.

Su Bei knew that it was probably the Lu familys old residence.

The house was not considered new, but it was well maintained.

It had a vintage style and a deep foundation.

It was obvious that it had been there for many years.

It was obviously not a place where ordinary people lived.

Gun Gun was talking to Da Bao in the back row.

Meanwhile, Su Bei was a little worried.

Her experience living in the Su family had made her hate extremely wealthy families.

Everyone was scheming against each other in families like those.

Even the nannies and chefs were full of schemes.

Life in the Tang family had only deepened her impression, so she couldnt hide the repulsion she felt toward such a big family.

The reason why she tried to accept and like them now was purely that she had already accepted the man beside her.

She had no reason to reject his family background and life.

If she could turn back time to six years ago, she would have escaped immediately the moment she saw Lu Heting.

Su Bei looked at the two little lads sitting behind her and took a deep breath.

Compared to rejecting this family, she was more willing to accept and adapt to Da Bao and Gun Gun.

Just as she was thinking about it, the mans broad and warm palm reached over.

He held the back of her hand.

His hand felt warm, and her heart warmed up.

Gun Gun obediently held Su Beis hand as well and said seriously, “Bei Bei, welcome to your home!”

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