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As the car drove into the district, the security officer opened the gate automatically.

Su Bei seemed to have understood something.

Every time Lu Heting drove back, he did not need to swipe a card.

It was always the security guards who opened the gate for him, while the other residents needed their own cards.

Also, she recalled that the building she was staying in now seemed to be quite empty There was almost no need to wait for the elevator.

Most days, she only saw a few children and elderly people.

So… could it be what she thought

“What are you thinking about” Lu Heting asked casually when he saw her staring at him.

Su Bei said, “So, you arranged for these security guards There arent many residents in our building, right”

“A few of the tenants moved out when you were disturbed by their renovation works.

There are about a dozen tenants left.

I also arranged for the security guards and property management to be replaced.

Bei Bei, I dont mean anything by it.

I just want to protect you and the two children,” Lu Heting said and admitted it.

Su Bei sucked in a breath of cold air.

“So our building is now empty with hundreds of empty units With money, we can really do whatever we want, huh”

“So, what youre saying is… why dont we rent the units out” Lu Heting asked.

He was asking his wife for her opinion.

Although renting them out was troublesome and the money earned was not much, if Su Bei really wanted to do that, he could immediately get someone to make arrangements.

Su Bei immediately shook her head.

“Forget it, forget it.

Do as you see fit.

Im in no position to speak on these matters.”

He had many people at his disposal, so why would she need to worry about this

The thought of these tedious matters gave her a headache.

Lu Heting parked the car and pulled her over by the shoulders.

“Were husband and wife.

The handling of a husband and wifes assets depends on the wishes of both parties, of course.

If you dont want to interfere, I can get someone to do it.

However, when it comes to our matters, you definitely have complete say, hmm”

“Oh.” Su Bei nodded.

Actually, she didnt have much concept of such things.

When she didnt have much money, she could manage it herself.

Since Lu Heting had so many assets and properties, her mind was filled with confusion.

“Dont give such a curt reply.

Youre the mistress of the house.

You have every right,” Lu Heting said seriously.


Then you help me decide, okay” Su Bei tilted her head and looked at him.

“Thats fine.” Seeing that she didnt want to listen anymore, Lu Heting didnt say anything else.

He hoped that the woman had truly and thoroughly accepted this fact.

In the end, Lu Heting decided to rent out all the units on the floor and renovate them so that Su Bei and his two sons could live more comfortably.

This job could be done during the day when they were not at home.

They would try their best not to affect them.

Actually, other than the phraseLu Heting is Mr.

Lu repeating in Su Beis mind, Su Bei did not have any direct feelings about Mr.

Lus identity.

It was mainly because Lu Heting had been living with her for such a long time.

He was still doing his usual routine—going to and from work, accompanying his sons to school for interest classes, going shopping with her, and occasionally going to the supermarket with her.

At home, he would also share the housework.

He seemed completely unrelated to those big shots who could affect the economy with just a stomp of their feet.

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