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Su Bei glanced at the venue.

Although she wasnt sure of the exact situation, she knew that it was impossible for the crowd to disperse now.

Did Tang Yue mean that she did not welcome her

Perhaps, she looked down on Lu Heting even more now

Tang Yue continued to smile.

“Jinghao and I are going to send the guests off now, so we wont invite you in.

You guys must be very busy, right Su Bei, Im especially happy that youre here.

I cant accompany you today, but Ill definitely give you a toast next time.”

Seeing that she did not welcome her, Su Bei smiled and said, “Alright, Ill take my leave first.

I wish you a happy engagement.”

She held Lu Hetings hand and turned to leave.

Since she had already done her part, she would not ask for another rejection since Tang Yue did not welcome her.

She was not in a hurry to visit her elders.

Seeing that Su Bei and Lu Heting had tactfully left, Tang Yue smiled and said, “You want to come to my engagement ceremony with just a chauffeur Thats an insult to my ceremony.

It would be more appropriate if it were some other reputable man.”

She glanced in the direction of Bamboo Garden.

She heard that Mr.

Lu was hosting a banquet there.

She wondered what kind of person Mr.

Lu was.

It would be best if she could build a relationship with him to do business.

If she could invite Mr.

Lu to her engagement ceremony… Tang Yue knew that it was just wishful thinking.

However, what she didnt know was that she had already missed the opportunity to get close to Mr.


The moment Lu Heting and Su Bei arrived at her engagement ceremony, it was the most glorious moment.

Yet, she had personally rejected them.

Back in the hall, she told Old Master Tang, “Su Bei came, but shes busy with something.

She just came to congratulate me.

It wasnt convenient for me to keep her, so I didnt let her come in.”

“If thats the case, then she should settle her things,” Old Master Tang did not force Su Bei.

Tang Yue and Du Jinghaos engagement ceremony was successfully completed, and they made it onto the list of trending hot topics.

They gained a lot of attention.

However, whether it was on the hot searches or among the guests, there wasnt as much discussion as that surrounding the topic ofMr.

Lu eating at Bamboo Garden.

Moreover, compared to the engagement ceremony, what everyone wanted to know was the identity of the woman who had dinner with Mr.

Lu that night.

It was a private dinner with roses.

However, no matter how hard the media scratched their heads, they couldnt get a single photo.

They didnt manage to get a photo of the woman Mr.

Lu had invited either.

Tang Yue wasnt that angry.

She admitted her loss against Mr.


She just didnt know how she would feel when she found out that she lost to Su Bei.

Lu Heting and Su Bei drove home.

On the way, he asked, “Where do you want to live”

“Huh” Su Bei was still not used to the fact that her husband was Mr.


“What I mean is, have you ever thought of moving to another place” Lu Heting was afraid that she would feel aggrieved and couldnt bear for her to continue staying where she was.

Lu Heting had houses in the center of Jingdu City.

Su Bei could choose a suitable place there.

Su Bei immediately shook her head.

“No need.

I think where were staying is pretty good.

Gun Gun and Da Bao also like this place.

Other than it being a little smaller, theres nothing bad about it.

Speaking of which, how did Mr.

Lu manage to get used to my three-bedroom apartment”

Hearing her use honorifics, Lu Heting rubbed her head.

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