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She smiled happily and raised her glass to invite everyone to a drink.

Du Jinghao stood beside her and smiled elegantly as he celebrated with the guests.

Tang Yue stood beside him.

Actually, if Du Jinghao didnt like Su Bei, she might not have fallen for him either.

In the huge capital, there were too many men to choose from.

However, after interacting with Du Jinghao, Tang Yue realized that this man was a very considerate person.

He was gentle and meticulous in his work.

He was also very considerate to her.

He was very talented in his work too.

Although he was not very decisive, he was very dependable.

Tang Yue was quite devoted to him.

At this moment, she was satisfied with her choice.

Su Bei and Lu Heting were in Bamboo Court, enjoying the view of the moon while eating.

When it was about time for dinner, Su Bei glanced at the time and said, “We wont be staying here for long.

Tang Yue is getting engaged in the hotel next door, and Ive received an invitation.

No matter what, I have to make an appearance.

Your name was also written on the invitation.”

“Then Ill go with you.” Lu Heting didnt mind showing his face in public.

After all, very few people knew his real identity.

“Yeah.” Su Bei linked her fingers with his and stood up.

The manager of Bamboo Garden came to see them off and waited till they were far away before respectfully retreating.

Old Master Tang asked, “Why isnt Su Bei here yet”

Lin Shulian said, “Dont you still remember the competition between Lu Heting and Jinghao If Su Bei appears, Jinghao cant appear.”

Tang Yue was not happy to see her mother bringing up the past.

She smiled and said, “At that time, it was because Jinghao was planning to go on a blind date with Su Bei, so Lu Heting spouted nonsense.

But now that Jinghao and I are engaged, would Su Bei still remember this”

Old Master Tang asked someone to go out and take a look.

Tang Yue continued to smile.

“No matter what, Ill be very happy if Su Bei comes to my engagement ceremony.

Im just afraid that shell feel that theres a barrier in her heart and wont come.”

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian thought of Lu Hetings identity as a chauffeur and couldnt help but worry.

Anyway, no matter what Su Bei said, they would never agree to this marriage.

Love was love, but she was forbidden to marry him!

After a while, Old Master Tangs assistant returned and said, “Miss Su Bei is here with Mr.


“Then Ill personally welcome Su Bei,” Tang Yue said with a smile and turned to leave.

She heard that Su Bei had offended Mr.

Lu and was currently in a difficult situation.

Su Bei came late tonight as well.

She only came when the ceremony was almost over.

Tang Yue thought it was better if Su Bei did not come at all.

Seeing as she came so late, it might anger others.

If Mr.

Lu decided to take his anger out on the Tang family, things would be bad!

Tang Yue would never let Su Bei enter that door.

She lifted her long gown and walked out.

From afar, she saw Su Bei and Lu Heting walking over.

As Lu Heting had only revealed his identity tonight in front of Su Bei, he was still dressed ordinarily.

The watch around his wrist was also the ordinary watch that Su Bei had given him.

Even though she had an outstanding temperament and no one dared to ignore her, Tang Yue, who was an arrogant lady, had always used her clothes and accessories to win people over.

Naturally, she did not feel that Lu Heting was worthy of respect.

She took a few steps forward and said with a smile, “Su Bei, you guys are here Im really sorry that you guys are late.

The guests are about to leave.”

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