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Su Bei earned this 50 million from Jingbei Square, and a portion of it was from her own remuneration.

She had wanted to use this opportunity to give it to Lu Heting.

But how much was Mr.

Lus net worth She remembered reading about it in financial magazines.

There were too many digits in the figure and she didnt count them carefully.

Was it ridiculous for her to want to give Lu Heting a check worth 50 million

Su Beis lips curled into a smile.

“Its alright, I wont give it to you…”

“I want it.” Lu Heting reached out.

“Give it to me.”


How can I not want something from my wife” Lu Heting lowered his head and held her face.

His voice was low and gentle.

“I want everything from my wife.”

In a hotel not far from Bamboo Garden, Tang Yue and Du Jinghaos engagement ceremony was being held.

Guests came and went like clouds.

There was no lack of famous figures from all over the capital city who came to congratulate them.

Tang Yue was dressed in a custom-made outfit that night.

She weaved through the crowd like a proud butterfly.

“Tang Yue is really pretty.

Out of all the children in the Tang Family, shes the only one whos pretty and sensible.

Shes successful in both her personal life and career.”

“The young master of the Du family is really handsome.

Only Tang Yue is worthy of him.”

“Why isnt Tang Yues engagement held in Bamboo Garden” someone asked curiously.

Someone immediately explained, “Tang Yues engagement should be held in Bamboo Garden, but I heard that Mr.

Lu was the one who booked Bamboo Garden today.

Tang Yue had also gone to a spiritual master to choose an auspicious date, so it cant be held on any other day.

However, when confronted with Mr.

Lu, she could only give in.”

“Sigh, this is indeed such a good day.

It even overlapped with the date Mr.

Lu chose.”

“Thats right.

If we can meet Mr.

Lu, wouldnt it be a great day”

Someone enviously said, “I heard that he invited a woman to eat with him at Bamboo Garden.

I wonder which woman was so honored to be invited by him.”

“Its definitely not us.

We cant reach Mr.

Lus level.”

To these people, it was a great honor to even be able to meet Mr.


When Tang Yue heard these words, the tinge of regret in her heart gradually dissipated.

She had indeed asked around and found out that Mr.

Lu was the one who booked Bamboo Garden.

Since she definitely could not win against him, it was not considered a humiliating failure.

At this thought, Tang Yue felt much better.

Very quickly, someone whispered, “Speaking of Mr.

Lu, have you heard of Su Bei offending Mr.


“Really No wonder I didnt see Su Bei today! Shes probably too embarrassed to come.”

“I heard that Su Bei might be blacklisted by Mr.


Anyway, Im afraid her career is over.”

When Tang Yue heard these words, she listened attentively for a while and surveyed the scene.

Indeed, Su Bei had not appeared.

She had sent out her invitation.

She wondered if Su Bei was really not coming.

That was true.

If she came over with her husband, who was said to be a chauffeur, on such an occasion, wouldnt she be utterly embarrassed

Su Bei knew she would make a fool of herself tonight, so she deliberately avoided coming, right

Tang Yue raised her wine glass, lifted her gown, and blended into the guests.

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