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The times he had spent with her flashed before her eyes.

No matter if he was the chauffeur or Mr.

Lu, the feelings that she had for him were real.

Those feelings of love were given to him bit by bit.

Therefore, no matter what his identity was, she could accept it.

The darkness in Lu Hetings eyes gradually dissipated with her words.

The mans thin lips that were pursed into a straight line gradually relaxed into an arc.

He lowered his head and kissed her.

“So, youre Mr.

Lu It isnt Mr.

Weijians father” Su Bei had many questions.

“Does no one know your real identity”

“Im Mr.


Of course, Im not Lu Weijians father.

Im not even his biological brother.

Hes my aunts son.

Few people in the outside world know me because I dont like to appear in public.” Su Beis questions were very standard, but he answered each and every one of them seriously.

“Any other questions, Mrs.

Lu” Lu Heting lowered his eyes and asked seriously.

Su Bei actually had a belly full of questions, but she couldnt think of so many at the moment.

She could only ask one question, “Then, are Da Bao and I moving to the Lu family Will it be very complicated there”

“Thats not necessary.

Even after we get married, we dont have to live with my elders.

You can choose any place you like.”

His identity would only become a form of protection for her, not a restriction.

“Lu Heting, why did you… choose to marry me” When he was a chauffeur, Su Bei could think things through.

Now that she found out he was Mr.

Lu, Su Bei knew he had many options.

The number of women who wanted to marry him was as high as the number of fishes in the sea.

There was nothing special about her.

“Because youre Su Bei.” This was Lu Hetings only answer.

She was Su Bei, the choice he wanted.

From the moment she stood before him impulsively and from the moment she opened her mouth, he had been fated to have only one choice.

His voice soared into the gentle night air.

It was serious, sure, clear, and determined.

Su Bei could only sink into oblivion and lose herself in his answer.

This answer poured into her ears and sank into her heart.

The womans eyes were filled with emotions as Lu Heting embraced her lovingly.

He asked in a low voice, “You had something to tell me just now.

What did you want to say”

Su Bei was reminded by him and remembered that she had something important to say to Lu Heting.

However, his words surprised her so much that she almost forgot what she was about to say.

The corner of her lips twitched slightly.

“Its better not to say it now… Its a little awkward.”

“What is it” Lu Heting asked curiously.

The woman invited him for dinner and said she had something to tell him.

It couldnt be that simple.

“Its…” Su Beis beautiful eyes flashed evasively before she finally said, “I prepared a check of 50 million for you.

I wanted you to use it to do business.

Dont misunderstand.

I never looked down on you for not having money.

I just saw that you have talent but couldnt use it and could only be Mr.

Weijians chauffeur.

Hence, I wanted you to use the money to develop your strength.”

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