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The waiter gently served them expensive red wine.

After letting it breathe, he poured them each a glass.

Soft music flowed out slowly.

Bamboo Garden was like a paradise on earth.

Lu Heting reached out to the woman.

“Can I invite you for a dance”

Su Bei stood up with a smile and entered his embrace.

She danced elegantly, highlighting her slender waist.

Lu Hetings dancing skills were also very good.

He was tall, and his movements were strong and elegant, matching Su Bei very well.

When the song ended, the two of them also ended their dance.

Su Bei panted slightly.

Lu Heting lifted her waist and kissed her red lips.

Lu Heting said, “Su Bei, I have something to tell you.”

Su Bei said almost in unison, “Hubby, I have something to tell you.”

Su Bei could not help but laugh.

Her bright smile spread on her beautiful first.

“Then you go first.”

Lu Heting clenched his fists.

His expression changed from relaxed to solemn.

Su Bei could not help but laugh again.

“Whats the matter Is it that serious Dont scare me.”

“Su Bei…” Lu Hetings eyes narrowed.

He held her hand and tightened his grip as if he was worried that she would pull her hand away.

“Actually, Im a member of the Lu family.

Thats my real identity.”

“Of course, I know youre from the Lu family.

Your surname is Lu.”

“The Mr.

Lu that outsiders always talk about is me,” Lu Heting said directly.

“Im not Lu Weijians driver.

I was never his driver from the start.

You mistook it that way, and I just went along with it…”

Suspicion flashed through Su Beis eyes, but her brain clearly understood what he meant.

There were many things going through her heart at this moment.

It was as if the clouds had parted and she had discovered some sort of truth.

Lu Weijians excessive kindness, Lu Groups investment, Mr.

Pangs obedient attitude in not pursuing the matter, and even a room in a seven-star hotel…

In her bright eyes, the truth was revealed.

It was because she was too foolish previously and did not think too much about these unusual things.

But now, there was an explanation for everything.

Lu Heting grabbed Su Beis hands tightly.

“Su Bei, I didnt lie to you on purpose.

You said before that you hated how wealthy families were full of schemes and you didnt like the complicated world of the rich.

Hence, I didnt reveal my true identity to you.

I was afraid that you would leave like you did five years ago.”

There was a hint of timidity in his voice.

He was usually never like this but the current situation had made him anxious.

He reached out and held Su Bei in his arms.

His fingers tightened slightly, and his entire body was trembling.

Su Bei could clearly feel his panic.

She asked in a low voice, “Then why are you telling me this now”

“Actually, I wanted to tell you on the day of the charity gala.

I have to tell you the truth myself.” Lu Hetings voice was low.

“Su Bei… will you forgive me”

Su Bei, who was in his arms, didnt say anything for a long time.

This made Lu Hetings heart hang in the air.

After a long while, Su Bei raised her eyes and looked at him seriously.

“Forget it, I dont blame you.

Its all because I like you.

It doesnt matter whether youre Mr.

Lu or not.

Youre still Lu Heting, arent you Anyway, the man I like is called Lu Heting.

Its definitely Lu Heting.”

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