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Therefore, the manager was also an important employee of Lu Corporation.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have the courage to coordinate things with all the important guests.

He personally waited here and naturally knew that Su Beis identity was extraordinary.

Even Old Master Tang personally came to ask for a new slot for his granddaughter but Lu Weijian didnt agree.

Some other celebrities had also asked about it and were rejected all the same.

One could imagine how important Su Bei was to Lu Weijian.

Seeing Su Beis car appear at the entrance of Bamboo Garden, the manager personally went forward and opened the door for her.

He smiled and said, “Welcome, Miss Su! On behalf of all the employees in Bamboo Garden, I welcome your patronage! Please!”

“Thank you.” Su Bei got out of the car.

Her slim figure was very eye-catching.

Her facial features were bright with innocence.

She looked much better in real life than on stage.

The manager could not help but sigh inwardly.


Weijians taste was indeed pretty good.

“Hubby, lets go this way.” Su Bei walked to Lu Hetings side and held his arm.

The manager had been so focused on serving Su Bei that he did not notice who the man in the car was.

Now that he saw him, his scalp went numb and his heart exploded!

As an important employee of Lu Group, the manager had seen Lu Heting from afar once due to his close relationship with Lu Weijian.

He was truly shocked.

He had originally thought that Su Bei was a woman that Mr.

Weijian had taken a fancy to, but he didnt expect that it was Mr.

Lu who had taken a fancy to her!

Wait, Su Bei just called himhubby!

In other words, Mr.

Lu and Su Bei were married!

M-Married The manager stuttered.

His eyes widened and he did not dare to speak.

Lu Heting glanced at him, his eyes seemingly indicating that he should speak less.

Then, he and Su Bei headed toward Bamboo Garden.

The manager completely understood now.

It was no wonder Mr.

Weijian had come to reserve a slot and then transferred it to Su Bei.

Wasnt it the same They were practically family!

The manager understood Lu Hetings hint.

Keep a low profile! Keep a low profile!

The manager rushed forward and said, “Mr.

Lu, Miss Su, please come in.”

Bamboo Garden was surrounded by several shopping malls in the city center.

There was an aerial garden with a shopping mall in the H-shaped building.

In the middle was where Bamboo Garden was located.

So while sitting in Bamboo Garden, one could look down on the capitals most flourishing night scenery.

One could also look up at the starry sky without any worries.

When Lu Heting walked in, he saw that it was filled with roses.

The red roses were beautiful and beautiful.

“Do you like it” Su Bei raised her face and asked.

Because he doted on her, she was willing to dote on him in her own way too.

Lu Heting looked around.

The green bamboo swayed in the breeze, and the roses were enchanting, gentle, and romantic.

Even the night breeze seemed to be pouring out intoxicating words of love.

He hooked his arm around her waist and whispered, “I do.

Very much.”

Su Beis lips curled into a smile as she tilted her head to look at him.

“I didnt bring Da Bao and Gun Gun here.

Lets have a good meal together.”

“Its my honor.” Lu Heting held her hand, his voice filled with tenderness.

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