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If it were anyone else, the outcome would be completely different.

Lu Heting felt a sense of loneliness.

Lu Hang pushed the door open and walked in.

He carefully walked forward and reminded him, “Mr.

Lu, half an hour later, theres a conference call.

An hour later, you have dinner plans with…”

Lu Heting was still unsure if he should go to the dinner party.

For Su Bei, any dinner could be postponed.

However, there was still no news from Su Bei.

He was about to speak when Lu Weijian came in without knocking.

He rushed to Lu Hetings side with the phone in his hand.

“Youd better give me a reasonable explanation for this, or else…” Lu Hetings coldness spread in the air.

“Brother, its a call from my sister-in-law!” Lu Weijian quickly said and handed over the phone with both hands.

“She called me and told me to give you a break, so I came to find you immediately!”

He winked at Lu Heting as he spoke.

Lu Heting relaxed a little and picked up Lu Weijians phone.

His voice was low but gentle.

“Su Bei.”

Lu Weijian and Lu Hang had goosebumps all over their bodies.

He was only fierce with them.

Could it be that he thought they had thick skin and could withstand being shouted at all the time

Su Bei smiled on the other end of the phone and said, “Im downstairs at your company.

I want to treat you to dinner tonight.

Ive already asked Mr.

Weijian to help you apply for leave.


Lu, may I ask if youre free to join me for dinner”

Lu Heting held his phone, walking away from Lu Weijian and Lu Hang.

The mans cold and hard back view earlier had now turned gentle.

The air was filled with the sour smell of love.

Weijian and Lu Hang couldnt hear what they were saying but the change in Lu Hetings aura was too obvious.

They werent envious at all.

After a while, Lu Weijian and Lu Hang straightened their backs and pretended not to listen to him.

“Catch.” Lu Heting tossed Lu Weijians phone back.

Lu Weijian caught it in a flurry and realized that his brothers aura had gotten much better.

Lu Heting picked up his jacket and said to Lu Hang, “All activities tonight will be canceled.”

“Yes!” Lu Hang was fully alert.

In the underground parking lot, Su Bei was waiting for Lu Heting in the car.

When she saw him, her little face was flushed with excitement.

She smiled and said, “Get in the car, Ill take you to a good place!”

Lu Heting got into the car and asked happily, “Shall we have dinner together tonight”

“Yeah, the place where well be eating is especially good.” Su Bei smiled and said, “Ive booked the place for a while now.

I didnt tell you in advance because I was afraid that things would change at the last minute.

Are you surprised”

Lu Heting was relieved.

So she didnt invite him earlier because she was afraid of unforeseen circumstances.

Considering that it was Bamboo Garden, it was no wonder that Su Bei was worried about something changing.

However, since it was her booking, no one could snatch it away.

Su Bei drove to Bamboo Garden.

As she was a guest that Lu Weijian prioritized, the manager specially waited at the entrance.

It was the most famous banquet venue in the entire capital.

This place was located in a prime location, and every inch of the land here was worth gold.

The guests who came here every day were either rich or noble.

They were all respected figures in the capital.

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