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Su Bei did not treat this as a big deal.

However, there were rumors that Su Bei had offended Mr.

Lu and it would probably affect her future development.

The outside world was abuzz, but Lu Weijian gave Director Guo a call and told him to focus on filming.

For the past two days, Su Bei had been preparing for the meal at Bamboo Garden.

She had even specially ordered roses.

Bamboo Garden would be exquisitely decorated for a romantic atmosphere on that day.

There would be roses everywhere.

The entire Bamboo Garden could accommodate hundreds of guests and was very spacious.

Su Bei spent a lot of money just buying roses.

When Lu Weijian heard that Su Bei was asking the service staff to help decorate the place with roses, he was extremely happy.

“Since youre all helping, you can put down whatever work you have on hand first.”

He reported to Lu Heting happily, “Big Brother, my sister-in-law has prepared a lot of roses.

Your dinner will be really romantic.”

Lu Heting looked up, and a stern look flashed across his face.

“Are you very free recently”

“No, no, no.

I still have a lot of documents to read.

Ill go take work on them now.” Lu Weijian immediately realized that his brother was in a bad mood and quickly ran away.

He didnt want to be a target.

But why was Big Brother in a bad mood Wasnt it a good thing that Sister-in-law was treating him to a meal

Lu Weijian waved his hand and called Lu Hang over.

“Show me my brothers schedule.”

Lu Hang carefully passed it to him.

“Dont let Mr.

Lu find out about this.”

Of course, Lu Hetings schedule was kept a secret, but Lu Weijian was not an outsider.

Lu Hang knew that even if he didnt show it to Lu Weijian, he would find a way to see it.

“F*ck!” Lu Weijian exclaimed.

On the day Su Bei would be inviting him for dinner, Lu Hetings schedule was full.

He had to meet a client at night!

Lu Hang quickly asked, “Whats wrong, Mr.


“Did my brother ask you to adjust his schedule for the next few days”

“No, it was all arranged half a month ago.

We didnt touch the schedule at all,” Lu Hang said.

Lu Weijian scratched his head.

“This is going to be a huge problem.”

Su Bei wanted to treat him to a meal and had even specially booked Bamboo Garden.

It was obvious that the decoration was for a romantic couples dinner.

However, Big Brother had yet to receive an invitation!

No wonder he could feel the oppressive cold air around him just now! How terrifying!

Su Bei was treating someone to a meal tonight.

If its not Big Brother, then who was she going to invite

It was really scary to think about it.

Lu Weijian scratched his head but didnt dare to ask Lu Heting or Su Bei.

After dismissing Lu Weijian, he sat in silence with a pen in his hand.

However, he couldnt read the contents of the document or sign anything.

As Lu Weijian had said, he had indeed thought that Su Bei would treat him to a meal at Bamboo Garden.

However, he had yet to receive Su Beis invitation.

For the past two days, there was nothing unusual about her.

She was just exceptionally busy and did not even have time to talk to him at night.

Lu Heting had no time to reveal his identity to her, nor was he sure who she would treat.

However, he found out that Feng Ze had returned to China in the past two days…

Feng Ze knew Lu Hetings identity.

If he had revealed it to Su Bei in advance, things would become troublesome.

Lu Heting wanted to explain this matter to Su Bei personally.

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