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In fact, Old Master Tang even stepped in.

The other party gave Old Master Tang some face and told him that the venue could be booked five days later.

It was indeed impossible for them to book Bamboo Garden for three days later.

No matter what, an exception could not be made.

“Grandpa, I know that youve helped us a lot this time.

Even getting us a slot five days later was tough.

I really appreciate it,” Tang Yue said gently yet a little aggrievedly.

“But we really cant do it five days later.

When we looked for the spiritual master, he said that we must get engaged three days later.

Thats the only way Jing Hao and I can only grow old together.

I want to start this marriage on a good note as well.”

Old Master Tang had indeed thought of a solution.

“How about we go somewhere else”

Indeed, he respected Tang Yues thoughts.

However, no matter what, Bamboo Garden refused to free up a slot for them.

They were also running a business.

Additionally, their attitude was very respectful and polite.

Old Master Tang could not possibly make things difficult for them.

Tang Yue looked displeased.

“Grandpa, Ill think of something myself.”

However, she also knew in her heart that she had already used all the connections she could use.

Even her grandfather had gone all out to help her.

Who else could help her now

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei also looked at Tang Yue guiltily.

They had to do a proper engagement ceremony, but Tang Yue did not get what she wanted.

This child was really wronged.

However, it was the same for them.

They had exhausted all their connections and found a bunch of friends.

Bamboo Garden had also said that they could free up a slot for them, but it would be ten days later than what they promised Old Master Tang.

Tang Yue would be even more unhappy if she was informed of this.

Ou Huanwei had no choice but to say, “Yue Yue, Im really sorry.

However, the wedding this time is indeed a little rushed.

Thats why you have to suffer this grievance.

Lets change the venue to a better place.

Your uncle and I will step in.

We wont let you worry, okay”

Lin Shulian also said to her daughter, “Yue Yue, why dont we leave it at that This matter is indeed a little rushed.

Weve all tried our best, so well have to make do.

When you and Jinghao get married, well book Bamboo Garden and have three consecutive days of banquets, okay”

Tang Yue really could not accept this, but since the elders had already said so much, she would appear too insensitive if she did not agree.

“Alright, then.

Lets go somewhere else this time,” Tang Yue said indignantly.

“Then lets go make a reservation.

Its best if we book a place not too far from Bamboo Garden.

There are many good places nearby, so we must choose a good one!” Ou Huanwei said with all her might.

Once the matter was confirmed, they would send out invitations.

Tang Yue was the first person in the Tang family to be engaged.

Naturally, they would invite all their relatives, friends, and business partners to the event.

Tang Yue wanted to hold this engagement ceremony in glory.

Even if Tang Xinru or Su Bei got engaged and married in the future, they would not be able to steal her limelight.

Old Master Tang naturally had to satisfy his first granddaughters wish of holding a grand ceremony and a luxurious banquet.

He spent a lot of money without hesitation.

Su Bei also received Tang Yues invitation.

Three days later What a coincidence.

She had something to do on that day.

However, it shouldnt matter if she went to Tang Yues engagement ceremony a little later.

After all, she had nothing to do with Tang Yue.

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