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It seemed that business in Bamboo Garden was pretty good.

He did not pay much attention to managing it, but it had not been neglected.

As he flipped through the pages, his gaze fell on a familiar name.

“Su Bei”

‘Is it my sister-in-law, Su Bei

“When did you receive this call” Weijian asked.

The manager called the waiter over, and the waiter said, “Its a lady who just called.

She said that she wants to book Bamboo Garden within the next three days, but thats not possible, so she made a booking for seven months later.”

Lu Weijian sighed in his heart.

Did his brother not mention this to his sister-in-law

However, it was quite a coincidence.

The couple even booked the same place to eat at the same time.

Wasnt this something that could only be done by a couple that was a match made in heaven

He immediately took out his phone and reported this to Lu Heting.

“Whos Su Bei eating with” Lu Heting asked.

“I-Isnt it surely with you I didnt ask.” Weijian didnt think too much of it and couldnt answer right away.

Lu Heting said, “Then let her have my booking.”

No matter who she wanted to treat, it didnt matter.

He could just change his schedule and not delay her matters.

Lu Weijian immediately replied, “Alright, Ill do as you say.”

After hanging up the phone, he called the manager over and said, “Ive changed my mind.

I wont book a place within the next three days.

Let her have the booking.”

Lu Weijian pointed to Su Beis name on the paper.

The manager immediately understood.

“Okay, Ill inform Miss Su Bei now.”

In his heart, he thought to himself,Previously, there were rumors that Mr.

Weijian was in a relationship with a supermodel called Su Bei.

It seems that its true.

The manager did not dare to be negligent and immediately called Su Bei personally.

“Miss Su, Im very sorry.

When you called to make a booking previously, we couldnt make room for you.

Now, there just happens to be an available slot for three days later.

Should we book it for you”

Su Bei did not expect that such an opening would suddenly appear.

She said, “Okay, then Ill have to trouble you.”

“Are you sure, though” Su Bei was still puzzled.

“Yes, Miss Su.

Well keep in touch with you.

If you have any problems, you can call us anytime.”

“Okay.” Su Bei hung up and waved her phone at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai smiled and asked, “Whats the matter Why are you so happy”

“Bamboo Garden said that they can give me a slot three days later.”

Xiao Bai was surprised.

“Is it really Bamboo Garden The Bamboo Garden that we usually talk about Im sorry, Su Bei.

I really didnt expect to be able to book it.

Next time, Ill definitely call them immediately.

I wasnt being lazy just now.”

“Who said you were lazy I think it just depends on luck.

Someone might have canceled their slot at the last minute.

The first time I called, someone said that I could only reserve a slot seven months later.”

Su Beis mood was much more relaxed now that she had decided on a spot.

She had to choose a better environment to eat with Lu Heting.

Her heart didnt hurt at all for spending more money.

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei had spent a tremendous amount of effort trying to book Bamboo Garden for three days later.

Tang Yue had also asked many of her friends for help, but she still ended up empty-handed.

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