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Apart from leaving some of the money as liquid funds and development funds, the rest was Su Beis personal gain.

She was planning to give this sum of money to Lu Heting as the starting fund for his career.

It was just that he would definitely not accept the money that was given to him, so Su Bei wanted to find a suitable time and place to give him the money.

After much thought, she decided to find a nice place to have dinner with everyone and settle the matter.

Hearing that Bamboo Garden was a good option, Su Bei decided that she would have dinner there.

She asked Xiao Bai to book it for her.

“Su Bei, youre making things difficult for me.

One needs to book half a year in advance to eat here.

If you want to get a slot within three days, I really cant do anything about it.” Xiao Bais face was full of worry.

“Is Bamboo Garden so hard to book now I remember that a few years ago, I went to have a farewell meal with my classmates there.”

Xiao Bai nodded her head furiously.

“Things are different now.

Did you know that there were quite a few young daughters from noble families who wanted to book Bamboo Garden and had to make their reservation a year in advance Some others who shared the same birthday had no choice but to give up.”

“Its indeed difficult to book,” Su Bei said.

“Well, forget it.

Ill pick another place.”

She picked up her phone and saw the address of Bamboo Garden.

There was a phone number listed beside.

Was it really that difficult to book

Su Bei planned to give it a try first.

Didnt they say that one had to try to cross the river to know how deep the water was

What if the business in Bamboo Garden happened to be quiet these two days

At Bamboo Garden, the service staff received a call and said apologetically, “Im sorry, there are no available slots within the next three days.

I can make an appointment for you after seven months…”

Su Bei clicked her tongue.

Seven months later It was already too late.

“Okay, then.

Please help me make an appointment in seven months,” Su Bei said.

It happened to be Lu Hetings birthday in seven months.

She couldnt invite him to Bamboo Garden this time, but she could celebrate his birthday there next time.

“May I know your name Well make a record for you.”

“Su Bei.

My phone number is…” Su Bei left her personal information before hanging up.

The waiter wrote down the phone number and name.

There was also a list of names in front of him.

To be honest, even though he said there were slots seven months later, it might not really be the case.

Lu Weijian came personally to request a slot.

Business at Bamboo Garden was good.

It would be safer for him to come personally to deal with the matters that Big Brother had instructed.

Following behind him, the manager said, “Rest assured, Mr.


I guarantee that youll get a slot within the next three days.

May I know how many guests you have”

“Two to four.” Weijian didnt know if his big brother would bring the two little ones over.

The manager was shocked.

Bamboo Garden was big enough to accommodate hundreds of people.

To book the entire place to accommodate only a few guests was really a big deal.

Lu Weijian picked up a stack of paper and flipped through it.

“Whats this”


Weijian, this is the list of customers who wish to make a booking.

Well be full for the next seven months, and many of the guests might not even be able to secure a booking.

If their birthdays were to coincide, it would be quite a spectacle.

There would definitely be people who would back down.”

Lu Weijian flipped through it casually.

There were indeed the names of many famous figures on it.

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