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“I hope shell be able to tell right from wrong soon,” Lin Shulian said.

“Anyway, where will the engagement be held”

Tang Yue smiled.

“Mom, dont worry.

Ill discuss it with Du Jinghao.”

She said she wanted to discuss it with Du Jinghao, but he didnt seem too enthusiastic about the engagement.

In the end, Tang Yue had to decide it herself.

Tang Yue was used to being in control of everything and doing everything according to her own preferences.

Hence, she was happy to make the necessary preparations.

If Du Jinghao were to really spend money and effort, she might not even take a liking to him anymore.

This time, being able to openly get engaged to Du Jinghao was equivalent to being above Su Bei.

Tang Yue valued this very much.

In the entire capital city, the best venue for holding a banquet was called Bamboo Garden.

Although the name was simple, it was actually located in a very good geographical location.

It was located in the prime location of Jingyuan City and was considered a mid-level building that was at the center.

The reason why it was called Bamboo Garden was that this building was filled with bamboo and had an unyielding character.

In the past, this place was often used as a place for banquets and celebrations.

Later on, many people said that hosting a banquet here would enhance the joyous occasion.

For example, if a couple were to get married here, they would definitely have a hundred years of happiness together.

If they held a banquet here to thank their teachers, they would definitely become more successful in their studies.

Everyone believed in these things without a doubt, hence Bamboo Garden became a place where couples wanting to get married flocked to.

Every time someone hosted a banquet in Bamboo Garden, they would attract the attention of many people.

Sometimes, they would even become the focus of the entire city.

This time, Tang Yues engagement ceremony naturally attracted a lot of attention, so she came to reserve a slot very early.

This place was already difficult to book, and it was said that to book here, one had to book a few months in advance.

Tang Yues wedding had come rather suddenly, and it was not easy to book a slot here.

She had already asked all her friends to help her and see if there was any way to book a slot here.

“Yue Yue, well also get people to help us get this venue as soon as possible.” Ou Huanwei was extremely satisfied with Tang Yue.

She held her hand with a wide smile.

Tang Yue was both talented and beautiful.

She was much better than Su Bei.

Now that she was able to let her son and Tang Yue get engaged, the weight in Ou Huans heart was finally lifted.

“Aunt, Ive also asked my friends for help.

I really hope that we can book this place.

I also hope that my relationship with Jing Hao will last forever.”

“Of course, of course!” Ou Huanwei said happily.

Lu Heting called Lu Weijian over.

“Book Bamboo Garden for me.”

“Alright, Big Brother! Are you bringing Sister-in-law there to have dinner Bamboo Garden is indeed a good place.

Sister-in-law will definitely like it.”

“Go make the arrangements.” Lu Heting lowered his head and continued with his work.

He did want to bring Su Bei out for dinner, as well as to explain his identity.

He had to find a proper place to discuss this matter.

Su Bei was actually preparing something big.

Jingbei Square was steadily bringing in money.

In addition, the roads and residences there were still undergoing construction.

Many people realized the business opportunities there, and there were already quite a number of businesses that were planning to develop there.

It was also a huge boost to Jingbei Squares business.

Therefore, she had also received the profits from the past two months.

Tens of millions! The number on the check was exceptionally shocking.

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