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Lu Heting turned to look at Su Bei and cleared his throat.

Just as he was about to speak, Su Bei received a WeChat message from Xiao Bai.

She had written long sentences with countless exclamation marks.

Su Bei thought that something big had happened.

When she saw the contents clearly, she said in surprise, “So… I missed the chance to meet Mr.


Xiao Bai sent countless voice messages over, feeling sorry for her.

“Su Bei, you really missed out on the most fortunate thing that couldve happened to you!!! Do you know that!”

“Okay, okay.

Whats so fortunate about that Its good that I didnt get to see him.

Who knows what kind of person he is What if hes a middle-aged man with a big belly”

Lu Heting was shot in the knee.

“What if hes interested in me At that time, should I agree or not Do we even have the ability to go against that kind of man”

Lu Heting was shot in the knee once again.

“Anyway, Xiao Bai, its better to not pick up a free lunch like this.

Id rather not see him than end up in an awkward situation because of it.”

Xiao Bai felt wronged.

“But what if Mr.

Lu takes offense”

Su Bei said, “How is that possible Mr.

Lu is such a busy person.

Do you really think hell be as bored as us Maybe hes already flying to the United States to discuss business now.

His time is very valuable, okay Why should he be concerned over ordinary people like us Besides, there are many women who like him.

If he really wants a woman, he can pick any one of them present tonight.

Therell definitely be people who are willing.

Its not my turn yet.”

Lu Heting was speechless.

His knees were already filled with arrows.

When Su Bei finished talking to Xiao Bai, she realized that Lu Heting had been silent.

She thought that he was bothered by what Xiao Bai had just said, so she quickly said, “Hubby, dont worry.

Some people in the entertainment industry are involved in messy practices, but Ive always been against those things.

Moreover, most of us are good and normal people!”

“Of course, I believe you.” Lu Hetings laughter was lost in his voice as he picked her up.

“Rest early if youre tired!”

During this period of time, Tang Yue and Du Jinghaos relationship had progressed by leaps and bounds.

Since Du Jinghao had already promised Lu Heting that he would avoid Su Bei whenever he met her in the future, it was naturally impossible between him and Su Bei.

Coupled with the urging from Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei, as well as Tang Yue taking the initiative to express her goodwill, he finally agreed to the engagement between the two families.

Tang Yue had finally made progress in the matter of her wedding and was as proud as a peacock.

However, she still maintained a humble attitude in front of the elders.

“Yue Yue, Im satisfied seeing you so happy.” Lin Shulian wiped her tears and said, “But what a pity.

Su Bei… If I had found her earlier and brought her back, she couldve married a more suitable husband.”

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian had always looked down on Lu Heting.

It was just that Old Master Tang had more power than them and Su Bei didnt like others interfering in her matters, so the couple didnt dare to be too direct.

Tang Yues lips curled into a victorious smile, but her tone was still gentle as she said, “Su Bei will figure it out sooner or later.

Only after she gains enough experience will she know that being handsome is not enough to make a living.

Shes still too young.”

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