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Even if he wanted to test her temperament, this should be enough, right

Tian Jinnuo analyzed, “Shiyun, Im guessing that Mr.

Lu is Mr.

Weijians father.

How could Mr.

Weijian be willing to see a young girl like you by his fathers side Therefore, hed definitely try to make things difficult for you.”

This was a reasonable explanation.

Jia Shiyun believed it.


Lu must have been worried about this son of his, which was why he hadnt approached her even after so long.

When Jia Shiyun thought of this, she felt relieved.

She knew in her heart that she could still afford to wait.

It didnt matter.

For the sake of further glory, she could do it.

After Lu Weijian got off the stage, he saw Lu Hetings gloomy face.

“Brother, I didnt expect Sister-in-law to leave either.

I think shes still afraid of interacting with someone of Mr.

Lus status.

Dont make such a big fuss out of it and choose another opportunity to tell Sister-in-law, alright”

However, his tall figure was shrouded in a layer of loneliness.

He was afraid that she would not be able to accept it and would really leave him because of it.

Lu Weijian made it sound easy, but it wasnt easy for him to do so.

He and his two sons would not be able to take Su Beis departure.

Lu Weijian didnt say anything else and returned to find Lin Yu.

Lin Yu took a few steps back.


Weijian, what do you want”

“I wanted to give you something.” Weijian kept his promise.

“No need.

Thank you, thank you.” Lin Yu had never been in a ship with another male before and was eager to not be involved.

Lu Weijian pouted.

“Do you think I like being in a ship with you Pah!”

Xiao Bai regretted it so much.

If she had known this would happen, she would have held Su Bei tightly and not let her leave.

Such a good opportunity was wasted.

What a pity!

Su Bei was really busy with something.

She didnt expect that the lucky guest, Jia Shiyun, would be selected at the gala.

The rest of the matter would be related to her.

When she received Lu Hetings call, she was finally done with her work.

She said, “Im already downstairs.

The car is parked.

Ill go upstairs immediately.”

She closed the car door and walked toward the elevator.

Lu Heting leaned against the elevator door, letting go of the coldness from his body.

Su Bei strode toward him and said with a smile, “Why are you here”

“Im here to pick you up.” Lu Heting pressed the button for the elevator and reached out to hug her waist.

“There was an event tonight.

I heard you left”

Su Bei smiled.

“Thats right.

I didnt have anything to do with the final event, so I left first.

Fourth Sister filed a lawsuit against a businessman whos rich and heartless.

He embezzled a sum of money that was invested in an orphanage.

Its rare for her to come back, so I want to see her.”

She was talking animatedly when she noticed that Lu Hetings eyebrows were a little deep.

She asked with a smile, “Are you alright”

“Im alright.” Lu Heting swallowed the words in his throat.

“I heard that Mr.

Lu is here tonight.

Did you accompany him What does he look like” Su Bei was very curious.

Xiao Bai had yet to send her a photo.

Lu Heting coughed lightly.

This was a good opportunity.

He could go along with her and reveal his true identity.

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