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Jia Shiyun, in particular, looked particularly bad.

She secretly clenched her fists.

She was furious, but there was nothing she could do.

This opportunity was originally hers!

Not only was she humiliated in public, but Su Bei was also chosen.

The host smiled and said, “Now, lets invite Su Bei on stage! Then, we can invite Mr.

Lu out!”

The light directly hit Su Beis seat, but at this moment, everyone saw that Su Beis seat was empty.

Su Bei actually left at such an important time

There were indeed many celebrities who would not stay at such a gala from beginning to end.

Many people would leave after completing their part.

This was understandable.

However, tonights follow-up segment was really the most important and what everyone was looking forward to! Everyone was holding their breaths for this moment!

In the end, Su Bei was chosen to have dinner with Mr.


Many people were so envious that they wanted to cry, but Su Bei had casually wasted this opportunity!

Many people couldnt help but secretly shake their heads.

It was truly too much of a pity, especially when they couldnt get this kind of opportunity.

Otherwise, they would definitely spare no expense to obtain such an opportunity.

The host did not expect Su Bei to not be around and could only smooth things over.

“Its a pity that Su Bei has missed the best opportunity of her life.

After all, who doesnt want to have dinner with Mr.

Lu Haha.”

He knew that if the lucky guest didnt go on stage, Mr.

Lu probably wouldnt either.

In this world, only Mr.

Lu didnt have to care about anyone else.

Who would dare to not show Mr.

Lu any respect

Everyone below the stage had also realized it at this point.

This was equivalent to Su Bei giving Mr.

Lu a slap in public.

How could a small artist like her dare to do such a thing

Everyones thoughts were similar to the hosts.

If they were Mr.

Lu, they wouldnt let themselves be humiliated by such a small artist.

The host stopped talking about Mr.

Lus appearance and changed the topic.

He smiled and said, “Since Su Bei is not here, well select another lucky guest and send her a gift from todays organizer…”

Everyone was disinterested.

It didnt matter whether there was a gift or not.

Since Mr.

Lu wasnt going to be involved anymore, the last segment was redundant.

Someone even blamed Su Bei.

“Its all Su Beis fault.

Why is she acting like a big shot The gala hasnt even ended and she left without permission.”


We cant even see Mr.

Lu anymore.

I really want to see his glorious appearance!”

“She has really offended Mr.


If she doesnt show Mr.

Lu any respect, shell be blacklisted.”

“She definitely wont have a good life.

Seriously, leaving at this time…”

Jia Shiyuns mood slowly recovered a little.

Su Beis departure allowed her to salvage the situation a little and she no longer became the center of attention.

However, what had happened tonight made her very uncomfortable.

Furthermore, when Tian Jinnuo came back, she told her, “The staff members who took my money backstage have all been fired.”

Obviously, Lu Group would not be able to tolerate anyone openly cheating during the event.

“Why is Mr.

Lu doing this” Jia Shiyun couldnt understand.

He had given her the best resources for so many years, but he still hadnt given her a chance to meet him.

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