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Jia Shiyun stood up, and Su Bei had just left when Lu Weijian noticed the problem.

He smiled and pressed the button again.

He was used to doing this kind of thing.

No problem during the selection could escape his eyes.

The host didnt understand what he meant and joked, “Mr.

Weijian, do you also want to pick another lucky female artist and have her accompany you to dinner”

Lu Weijian didnt reply.

He pressed the button and the photo stopped above Jia Shiyuns photo.

Everyone didnt quite understand what he meant, but Jia Shiyuns face turned pale.

Others might not know what was going on, but how could she not know

Tian Jinnuo had bribed the staff backstage.

No matter how he pressed the button on the stage tonight, it would ultimately stop at Jia Shiyuns photo.

Lu Weijian casually pressed the button once more.

He pressed the button again.

Lu Weijian continued pressing.

Jia Shiyuns face was deathly pale.

She had already walked out of her seat, but she could neither advance nor retreat.

Holding her gown, she stood rooted to the ground and was momentarily at a loss for what to do.

Everyones eyes were also on her, staring intently at her.

The people below the stage finally understood what Lu Weijian meant.

The button on the stage had been tampered with.

No matter how they pressed it, Jia Shiyun would appear on the screen.

Was Lu Group doing this on purpose

It was clear that they werent.

Otherwise, Mr.

Weijian wouldnt have exposed this issue so casually.

Lu Weijian had a half-smile on his face, but the host reacted quickly and said, “I didnt expect the machine to experience a problem.

Lets repair it now and choose another lucky female artist.”

He saved the situation, and only then did Jia Shiyun sit down.

However, she had already lost all her dignity and was extremely ashamed.

She didnt expect Lu Weijian to expose her trick in front of everyone.

The host exchanged a few words with Lu Weijian before the machine was repaired.

“In order to see if its really fixed, Ill give it a try.” The host tried a few times, but it didnt work.

Finally, the selection was randomized.

However, everyone discovered another problem.

This time, the male artists were added to the selection too.

After discovering this harmless issue, everyone burst into laughter.

“Should we remove the male artists” the host asked.

“No, lets just leave it like that, hahaha.” The audience cheered.

Lu Weijian retaliated.

“Let me give it a try.

This one doesnt count.

But no matter who it lands on, Ill give my personal item to them as a souvenir.”

Everyone was excited again.

Although they couldnt have a meal with Mr.

Weijian, it was still good to be able to get his personal belongings.

Lu Weijian pressed the button and everyone looked forward to it.

With a ding, it paused on the photo of a male artist.

This joyous scene made everyone burst into laughter.

“I didnt expect it to be Lin Yu! Hahaha! Mr.

Weijian, your gift is going to be Lin Yus.”

Lin Yu was also dumbfounded.

What was going on Why was it him Werent only female artists involved

“I want to be a shipper!”

“Im dying of laughter.


Weijian, your luck is too good.”

The corners of Lu Weijians lips twitched.

“Alright, alright, Ill give you a gift.

Let me continue.

This is an important matter.” is

The host couldnt help but ask on behalf of everyone, “Mr.

Weijian, can you describe what Mr.

Lu is like for everyone”

“Yes, hes very handsome.” Weijian knew that the host was trying to find out more so he didnt say much else.

He pressed the button and this time, it firmly stopped on Su Beis photo.

Lu Weijian gave a thumbs up.

He knew that this was a match made in heaven, so of course, it would land on her photo.

The people below the stage did not expect Su Bei to be chosen.

Those who had ostracized Su Bei last night showed ugly expressions right now.

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