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Jia Shiyun was the only one who was confident.

With a reserved smile on her face, she looked toward the stage.

“Now, lets invite Mr.

Weijian to come on stage and press the button for us,” the host invited with a smile.

Lu Weijian tidied up his clothes and walked toward the stage.

He was wearing a blue suit that was very eye-catching.

However, with his looks and temperament, he looked perfect.

There was a burst of cheers from below the stage.

Many women couldnt help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

They held their faces and were infatuated with Lu Weijian.

In fact, there were many actresses who wanted to build a good relationship with Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian was handsome, tall, rich, and approachable.

Compared to Mr.

Lu, who no one knew what he looked like, Mr.

Weijian was worth giving up his feelings for.

It was a pity that Lu Weijian treated games as his wife and didnt show an interest in women.

He had never been enlightened in this aspect, so everyone could only look at him.

When he reached the stage, he waved to everyone and smiled, showing his two neat rows of teeth.

He didnt have the air of a young master at all.

In every direction he waved, the female artists covered their mouths and laughed.

Lu Weijian picked up the microphone with a smile.

“Since I was tasked to do this, Ill do it well.

So… who will be chosen”

He moved toward the button on the stage and pressed it.

On the big screen, all the female artists photos started rotating.

The people below the stage did not shout out their names and each of them still restrained themselves.

However, deep down, they were all eagerly shouting,Let it be me! Let it be me!

Lu Weijian pressed the button, and it paused on the photo of a female artist.

The host said happily, “Its Jia Shiyun! Congratulations, Jia Shiyun!”

There were voices of congratulations from below the stage.

Jia Shiyun also stood up politely.

Her face was flushed red with a luster as she lifted her gown.

Everyone looked at her enviously.

They didnt expect that when Mr.

Lu appeared in public, Jia Shiyun would be able to get close to him and be the first person to see him.

This level of glory was truly enviable.

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes, hiding the dangerous glint in them as he got up and walked toward the stage.

Li Qisheng thought to himself,This is bad.

Will Mr.

Lu not be satisfied with tonights arrangement But Mr.

Weijian personally arranged it.

He panicked a little and glanced at Su Bei.

At that moment, Su Bei lifted her gown, stood up from her seat, and left!

Li Qisheng panicked even more.

Was Su Bei leaving right away He looked at Lu Heting anxiously and thought,Its over, its over.

Its really over this time!

The others also saw Su Bei leave.

Someone muttered to themselves, “Su Bei probably left early because she cant take this game”

“She lost to Jia Shiyun in public.

Shes really embarrassed to stay here any longer.”

Xiao Bai could not help but follow after her and whispered, “Su Bei, are you really leaving Arent you going to see Mr.


“I have something going on, so Ill take my leave first.

Help me hold up the fort here and take a few more looks at him on my behalf.”

“What if something happens later” Xiao Bai asked.

“What else could happen Its fine.

Im leaving now.” Su Bei quickly left.

This event was already the last segment of the gala.

Su Bei did not expect to be involved in anything else.

Even the lucky female artist had been selected, so there was nothing else that had to do with her.

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