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Chapter 87: Chapter 87 More Convincing

Su Huixian immediately called Qiu Minxuan and scolded harshly, Qiu Minxuan, are you all dead Why cant you keep such a big issue under control”

Qiu Minxuan replied innocently, “Huixian, I have tried many different ways, but it is still staying at the top of hot searches.

The company cant do anything about it either.

Besides, Orisa Fashion Show has also added fuel to the fire.”

Su Huixian clutched her phone tightly and said, “Didnt Su Bei also go to the KTV ribbon-cutting ceremony Post her photos there on Weibo.”

Of course, Qiu Minxuan also thought of this.

But since she didnt go with Su Bei at that time, she didnt have any photos of that event.

But then, she remembered that she had arranged for some people to go there to make trouble for Su Bei.

And Su Beis fans were also there.

She could easily find some photos on the Internet.

Soon enough, Qiu Minxuan found some photos of Su Bei at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of that KTV.

They werent taken from a good angle, but they clearly showed Su Bei standing on the stage, holding a microphone and talking to the host.

Although Su Bei wasnt walking on the stage in the photos, she thought that they were enough to ruin her.

Qiu Minxuan edited the photos to make them look like Su Bei was with those models in skimpy dresses during the event.

Then she sent them to the influencers she had worked with many times.

The headline, “Before Orisa Fashion Show, Su Bei shamelessly walked on a KTV stage with other low-end models” became sensational in an instant.

Since Su Bei was currently a hot topic on the search list, Qiu Minxuan didnt need to make too much effort to promote the photos.

Lots of netizens quickly saw them.

Many people usually hated the kind of shows held by KTVs.

So for them, Su Bei was simply ruining herself by standing on the stage of a low-level event like this.

Once again, the netizens were in an uproar.

And this time, Su Huixians fans seemed to have found a battlefield.

They swarmed over and scolded Su Bei for doing anything for money.

Only a few people knew that it was Su Bei who reported the KTV to the police, so most of her fans didnt know the truth.

To defend her, they just kept on saying some weak words like “I believe her”.

Thus, many people were now scolding Su Bei for doing such a thing.

Overnight, her fame went up and down several times, and she sparked many heated discussions.

The news also reached Su Bei.

After knowing it, she rushed back home.

Lu Heting also saw the news, so he went home.

When she arrived, he was already waiting for her in the living room.

“Heting, do you still have the phone numbers of those lawyers last night Last night, they helped me take a video of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

But I was in a hurry, so I didnt have time to ask them for a copy.”

Lu Heting nodded.

“Ive just called them and asked them to post the video on the Internet directly.

It will be more convincing if they will be the ones to post it.”

Su Bei thought about it for a while, then her eyes lit up.

“Youre right.

It will be more convincing if the lawyers will directly post the video than I do it myself.”

Then she checked her phone and saw the post of one of the lawyers on Weibo.

“Miss Su Bei showed up in the event.

But she didnt go there to attend the activity.

At that time, she made a public statement in front of her fans that she would never take part in this kind of activity.

As a matter of fact, she reported the KTV to the police.

I can prove that my client, Su Bei, didnt participate in any illegal activities of this KTV, and she had successfully reported this illegal ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

Together with this statement, the lawyer also attached the video of that night.

In the video, Su Bei firmly said, “I will never take part in any illegal and immoral activities!”


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