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The host waited for everyone to quiet down before she smiled and said, “Then, before Mr.

Lu arrives, lets have a small event.

That is, the female artist whos selected will have the chance to have dinner with Mr.

Lu tonight!”

The audience erupted.

“Really We get a chance too”

“Thats great! If I get selected, Ill immediately go buy a lottery ticket!”

“If youre selected, why would you need to buy a lottery ticket Just the release of the news tomorrow will earn you a hundred times more!”

Lu Weijian glanced at his brother.

“Brother, didnt I arrange it well I promise to let you have dinner with Sister-in-law tonight.

You two can enjoy your time together.”

He had never thought about the probability of Su Bei being chosen.

As long as it was his sister-in-law, she would definitely be chosen.

He looked at Lu Heting, waiting to be praised.

Lu Hetings gaze fell on Su Bei, who was not far away.

He was rehearsing how he was going to tell her the truth.

“All of the female artists photos are on this platform.

As long as you press the button, the photos will be rotated until one person is chosen,” the host explained.

“There have been similar events in the past, but the people involved were either Mr.

Weijian or Manager Li.


Lu is here tonight, so everyone should seize the opportunity.”

Unlike other female celebrities, Jia Shiyun was determined to get what she wanted tonight.

She had already waited for a long time and did not want to wait any longer.

She whispered a few words to Tian Jinna, telling her to go backstage and talk to the staff there to make sure she was selected.

She believed that no one would reject her request.

On the other hand, Su Bei did not have much interest in this matter.


Lu, whom everyone was vying for, was nothing like the man in her heart.

She just wanted the gala to end as soon as possible and go home.

Hence, she did not care if she would be chosen or not.

Xiao Bai tugged on her arm and said, “Su Bei, you might get chosen.”

“Stop overthinking.

The earlier we finish, the earlier we can go home and rest.

Arent you tired”

“Itd be worth it to be chosen by Mr.


Su Bei supported her head and looked down at her phone.

She had received a WeChat message.

Li Qisheng felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

The current situation was that both Jia Shiyun and Su Bei were here.

Did the situation on stage require them to do the selection fairly

What would happen to Su Bei if Jia Shiyun was selected

If Su Bei was selected, what would Jia Shiyun do

The new and old lovers were together.

He was indeed in a tough situation.

What if both of them got angry at the same time

Li Qisheng quietly moved to Lu Weijians side and asked for advice in a low voice.

He didnt dare to ask Lu Heting about this, so it was safer to ask Mr.


Lu Weijian glanced at him.

“Manager Li, since its an event, lets do it fair and square.

Whoever gets it will get it.”

Anyway, Big Brother would definitely have dinner with Sister-in-law tonight.

Nothing else could hinder him.

“Yes, I was wrong.” Li Qisheng secretly wiped his sweat.

It turned out that this was a normal activity and had nothing to do with an affair.

Since Mr.

Weijian had spoken, the pressure on him would be significantly reduced.

The hosts words made everyone below the stage eagerly wait.

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