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Everyone knew that Su Bei had not arrived.

Everyone had woken up very early today and no one had seen Su Bei.

No one saw her coming.

Everyone was waiting to watch a good show.

Lin Yu, who was sitting at the side, yawned lazily and narrowed his eyes at this group of bored women.

“Im here.” Su Bei stood up in the corner and walked out.

As she had to go on stage for the rehearsal, she had even put on makeup and prepared her clothes.

Compared to last night, she looked even more radiant.

Her tall and slender figure gave her an aura that could crush everyone with a single step.

If everyone else was just an artist, then she was the role model of international superstars.

Everyone could only look up to her!

“Where did she come from”

“I didnt see her leave her room or go downstairs at all.”

Everyone found it unbelievable.

Jia Jia also widened her eyes.

How was this possible Where did Su Bei come from

Jia Shiyun wasnt disappointed.

After all, with Su Beis qualifications, it was impossible for her to be affected by such a small trick.

However, she did have some doubts.

When did Su Bei arrive

At this time, it was only a quarter past five.

When they woke up, it was almost half-past four.

Could Su Bei have come here at four

Su Bei looked around and walked onto the stage.

What no one really knew was that the rooms on the top floor had special elevators and passageways that allowed one to go to almost any important place in the hotel.

The elevators and passageways were restricted to the public, so they were both private and convenient.

Su Bei woke up slightly later than them.

However, she did not need to walk through the hall and corridor or walk through the garden, so she arrived a few minutes before them.

She even had the time to enjoy the breakfast that the hotel sent over.

Lu Heting stayed in a place with high efficiency and precision.

Su Bei had looked at the instruction manual on the bedside table last night and got an idea of things.

Her rehearsal was very effective and she was not affected by these people at all.

Song Yao and Li Qiaoer stood rooted to the ground and once again saw the huge gap between Su Bei and themselves!

Actually, even the gap between Jia Shiyun and Su Bei was as wide as heaven and earth.

It was just that Jia Shiyun didnt realize this.

At night, when the gala was about to begin, a rumor started spreading.

That was, Mr.

Lu was going to come personally tonight!

Everyone knew that Mr.

Lus identity was very precious.

As the leader of Lu Group, he was decisive and bold.

Every decision he made would affect the economic dynamics of S Country.

His influence even spread throughout Asia and Europe.

However, what was his identity It was a very mysterious matter.

Within the circle, only a few big shots knew his true identity and appearance.

However, those big shots cared about their statuses as well.

For various reasons, they werent stupid enough to reveal Mr.

Lus identity and appearance.

Every time the financial newspaper mentioned Mr.

Lus identity, they could only show a blurry silhouette.

Some said that Mr.

Lu was one of Old Master Lus sons, while others said that Mr.

Lu was Lu Weijians father or brother.

There were many different opinions, but no one had a clear answer.

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