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She thought to herself,Could it really be because you get what you pay for Although the rooms in other hotels are incomparable to the ones here, there isnt too big of a difference.

Lu Heting let out a soft laugh.

This was probably because he had stayed in that room many times before.

In the past, when he was dealing with the branch companys business, he had meetings all day and night.

He was too lazy to go home so he stayed in that room.

“What are you laughing at” Su Bei lay on the soft bed and rolled around comfortably.

“Ill be content if you sleep happily.”

Su Bei nodded.

“If I had known, I would have brought you along.”

Her words made Lu Heting restless.

However, since Auntie Chen had asked for leave today, he had already decided to stay behind to accompany Da Bao and Gun Gun.

He could not leave the two munchkins at home at this time.

His Adams apple bobbed as he said, “Rest early.”

“Okay, good night.” Su Bei hung up the video call and lay on the bed.

She indeed got a good nights sleep.

Even dreams were beautiful.

The next morning, there was a rehearsal for the gala.

Jia Shiyun, Song Yao, and the others all agreed to gather at the rehearsal venue in the morning.

Tonights gala would be held in the hotels auditorium, so the rehearsal was also held there.

Just like last night, no one informed Su Bei about it.

A number of them were jealous because Su Beis appearance was too eye-catching.

No one was willing to walk with her and be thought of as a servant.

Most of them were afraid of Jia Shiyun and knew that she had a grudge against Su Bei.

No one was willing to trigger Jia Shiyun.

When everyone gathered and headed to the rehearsal venue, Su Bei had yet to go downstairs.

Many people thought to themselves,Su Bei will definitely be late.

‘Its good that shes late.

Its time to get rid of her, someone thought.

There were also people who thought,She doesnt want to socialize with anyone, so she deserves to be ignored.

With different thoughts, everyone arrived at the rehearsal venue.

There might not be any serious consequences for Su Bei being late, but it would definitely leave a terrible impression of her on the organizers.

The organizers were from Lu Group.

Does Su Bei still want to earn Lu Groups favor in the future

“Good morning, Sister Shiyun.” As soon as Jia Shiyun entered the rehearsal venue, many people greeted her.

Her popularity could not be underestimated.

Very soon, someone specially gave up a chair for her and formed an area for her to rest in.

Jia Jia said, “Its time for the rehearsal.

Organizer, arent you going to close the door”

“For safety and confidentiality reasons, the door will be closed when the time comes!” the organizer said.

He said to an assistant beside him, “You, go and close the door!”

Soon, the door was closed.

Jia Jia smiled.

Su Bei was late.

The door would make a loud noise when Su Bei opened it later.

That would be nice.

Everyone would know exactly what her work attitude was.

She said to Jia Shiyun, “Sister Shiyun, it seems like someone is really late!”

Jia Shiyun smiled.

“Everyone worked hard last night.

Its normal to be late today, but one shouldnt affect everyone elses work.

Right, organizer”

The organizer smiled and said, “Of course.

Everyone, lets start rehearsing according to the order of the stage.

Su Bei, wheres Su Bei”

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