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Su Beis current status was deteriorating day by day.

Perhaps in a month or two, she would get a good opportunity and soar to the heavens in a single step.

She would surpass Su Bei.

The entertainment industry was just that shallow.

Other than the top international superstars, no one could stay at the top for long.

Without any works or exposure, an artist would quickly become a passerby.

The waiter was collecting the red wine that Su Bei had left behind.

He kept it carefully, afraid that he would bump it or spill a drop.

Although Su Bei didnt care about the red wine, it didnt mean that the waiter didnt care! What if Su Bei asked for it again

Song Yao casually reached out to take the red wine, wanting to see what brand it was.

The waiter was so anxious that he was about to cry.

“Miss, you cant touch this.”

“Whats wrong with touching it I wont break it.” Song Yao just wanted to take a look.

“But Miss, this red wine is really expensive.

If you spill it, I really wont be able to afford the compensation,” the waiter said anxiously.

He reached out his hand but didnt dare to snatch it away as he was afraid that he would accidentally make a mistake.

Song Yao did not think much of it.

She looked at the label and casually read: “Routier What brand is this Ive never heard of it.”

Without waiting for the waiter to reply, Li Qiaoer quickly and carefully snatched it over.

She placed it in the waiters hands.

“Im sorry.

Please put it away quickly.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Only then did the waiter feel as if the heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

He hurriedly took away the expensive bottle of red wine, which he might not be able to afford even with his lifetimes worth of money.

“What are you doing” Song Yao didnt understand Li Qiaoers actions.

Li Qiaoer said, “Do you know what kind of wine you just touched Its a special brew from Routier from the year 1982! I heard that it costs hundreds of thousands of US dollars a bottle.

I saw it in a magazine last time.

If it really spilled, do you think we could afford it”

She was also very shocked, but she was sure that she hadnt seen it wrongly.

When she saw it in a magazine before this, she had paid extra attention to it.

When she entered this industry, she deliberately studied all kinds of brands so that she could bring them up in social situations.

“Really” Song Yao was very surprised, but she knew that Li Qiaoer wouldnt lie to her and also acknowledged her ability to recognize brands.

Li Qiaoer said, “Of course.

You should be careful next time.

Weve just entered the industry.

Dont ruin your life because of this.”

Song Yao was flabbergasted.

The waiters nervous and surprised actions seemed to prove it as well.

How could such a small bottle of red wine cost so much money

It was worth a few million dollars in S Countrys currency.

It was enough to buy a house in a first-tier city!

Was this expensive bottle of red wine from the hotel or bought by Su Bei herself

The two of them were silent for a moment.

Only then did they feel that the distance between Su Bei and themselves was too big.

The incomparable gap existed like a chasm that could not be crossed.

When she thought about how she had asked Su Bei if he wanted to drink her red wine, Song Yao simply wanted to find a hole to hide in.

The top floor of the seven-star hotel was too luxurious.

Su Bei specially took a photo and sent it to Lu Heting.

“Are you used to staying there” Lu Heting asked.

“Yes, its very comfortable.” Su Bei took a video for him to see.

“I dont know whats going on.

I usually dont sleep well when Im staying in a hotel, but tonight, I feel very at ease in this room.”

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