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“Thank you, but I dont like red wine.” Su Bei refused with a smile.

Song Yao smiled.

“This is a gift from the hotel.

It costs 10,000 yuan per bottle.

Su Bei, are you really not going to try it”

“Drink it yourself.

Weve already had some wine.”

“You had some too” Song Yao asked in confusion.

Li Qiaoer pulled her back.

“Su Bei also stays in the presidential suite.

Its not surprising that she got a bottle of wine too.”

Song Yao found herself in a bad spot and looked away.

Jia Shiyun had just laid down when Jia Jia asked in an ingratiating manner, “Sister Shiyun, should we get the hotel to prepare a bowl of red date porridge”

“Forget it.

The red date porridge is only limited to seven bowls a day.

Im not sure if there will be any now,” Jia Shiyun said lazily.

The main thing was that she still needed to maintain her figure.

At this time, she didnt want to eat anymore.

Jia Jia said, “Ill go take a look.

They might still have it.”

Jia Jia walked out.

She could have asked the waiter about this small matter, but she found the person in charge and said condescendingly, “Sister Shiyun wants a bowl of wine fermented red date porridge.”

The person in charge smiled apologetically.

“Im sorry, Miss Jia Jia.

We only serve limited bowls of this dessert daily.

Weve already run out.”

“Cant you have the chef cook it on the spot” Jia Jia put on airs as she wasnt very happy.

“The chef got off work after preparing the porridge.

Its indeed inconvenient to cook it for you now.

Please tell Miss Jia that well definitely reserve a portion for her tomorrow!” The person in charge promised.

Jia Jia was helpless.

She could only wave her hands in frustration.

“Forget it, forget it.

I understand.”

She turned her head and heard Xiao Bai talking to Su Bei.

“This wine fermented red date porridge is really amazing.

Ive never eaten such delicious porridge before.

I feel like I can eat another ten bowls!”

Jia Jia looked at the desserts placed in front of Su Bei and Xiao Bai.

They were the limited desserts the spa offered.

She couldnt help but think to herself,I dont know how the spa arranged this.

They even served the porridge to those two women but they didnt give any to our Sister Shiyun! This is too much!

She returned to Jia Shiyun and angrily said, “The hotel actually gave Su Bei and her assistant the last of the red date porridge! They dont even care about you, Sister Shiyun!”

Jia Shiyun didnt say anything.

She wouldnt go so far as to hold a grudge against the hotel, but toward Su Bei, the grudge had already been formed.

She had plenty of time to settle scores with Su Bei.

After Su Bei and Xiao Bai finished their porridge, they got up to leave.

The waiter asked, “Miss Su, do you want to save the rest of your red wine”

Su Bei and Xiao Bai did not drink much of that bottle of red wine.

There was still half a bottle left.

“Do as you see fit.” Su Bei wanted to say that she didnt want it, but it was indeed a pity to throw away something worth 500,000 dollars, so she decided to let them handle it.

“Sure, Miss Su,” the waiter said.

Su Bei and Xiao Bai turned around and left.

Song Yao couldnt help but laugh.

“No wonder Su Bei rejected me just now.

So she also drank red wine.

I wonder how much the bottle she got cost”

Li Qiaoer looked at Su Beis back and laughed.

“Who knows Anyway, no matter how much it costs, it cant be more expensive than the bottle of wine that Sister Shiyun got us.”

“Thats for sure.” Song Yao was in a good mood when she thought about how Su Bei was no longer the all-powerful supermodel in the industry.

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