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“If it were anyone else, Im afraid Manager Li wouldnt even give them a second glance.

But with Sister Shiyun around, things were different.

We also benefited from it.”

Li Qiaoer chimed in, “Thats right! Its all thanks to Sister Shiyun.

Sister Shiyun is really beautiful, kind, and generous.”

Jia Jia glanced at them, feeling disdain for them in her heart.

She knew that they were braggarts and bootlickers, so she replied, “Of course.

Our Sister Shiyun is such a person to begin with.

Do we need you to tell us that”

Song Yao suggested, “Sister Shiyun, youve worked hard today.

Why dont we go to the spa together I know of a place nearby thats pretty good.”

Jia Jia rolled her eyes at her and said, “Song Yao, you really dont know much! Our Sister Shiyun is staying in this seven-star hotel.

Shes staying in a presidential suite, and its equipped with a dedicated spa service.

Moreover, she can get professional masseuses.

Theyre much better than the ones outside.

Why would she need to go outside”

Song Yao pursed her lips.

“I really dont know much.

Sorry, Sister Shiyun.”

Jia Shiyun was in a good mood today.

She calmly said, “Stop arguing.

Whats there to argue about Since everyone is tired and wants to go to the spa, lets go to the one in the hotel together.”

“Sister Shiyun, youre so generous.”

“Sister Shiyun is the best! She doesnt put on any airs at all!” everyone chimed in.

Jia Shiyun led the group to the hotels lounge.

The person-in-charge smiled and said, “Initially, we only provide free spa services to the guests who stay in the presidential suite.

However, since Shiyun is here with her friends, then itll be free for all of you.

Welcome, everyone.”

The words were very flattering.

Everyone couldnt help but express their gratitude and praise to Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun entered the spa while being surrounded by everyone

Su Bei and Xiao Bai had already finished their session and were sitting in the lobby of the spa.

They just had some red wine and now ordered two desserts.

They chatted while enjoying themselves.

It was also to sober themselves up.

Jia Shiyun led a group of people and swaggered in.

When they saw Su Bei, they couldnt help but glance at her from the corners of their eyes.

Everyone was deliberately excluding her.

They didnt expect that Su Bei would still be drinking and eating desserts without realizing what they were doing.

They didnt know if she was innocent or stupid.

As Jia Shiyun had brought a lot of people with her, there werent enough single rooms, so some people were in the hall.

Jia Shiyun naturally wanted to go to a single room.

Song Yaos relationship with Li Qiaoer and Jia Shiyun was average, so she was naturally among the group of people in the hall.

The service staff served them red wine one after another, all according to Jia Shiyuns status.

“Everyone, this is the red wine that the hotel has prepared for you,” the waiter introduced.

Li Qiaoer quickly took a look at the label and said to Song Yao, “This is really incredible.

Just a bottle of red wine costs 10,000 yuan.

How does this hotel earn so much money”

“Are you stupid Theyre treating us to a drink on account of Jia Shiyun.

Otherwise, how could we possibly drink it Theyre trying to curry favor with Jia Shiyun, so why would they care about the cost” Song Yao said, feeling a little smug.

After all, she had become friends with Jia Shiyun.

On the other hand, Su Bei and her assistant seemed to have just been given some desserts.

The difference was obvious.

Song Yao was very proud in her heart and said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, do you want to try our red wine”

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