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Su Bei had worked hard for the whole day and was very relaxed at the thought of going for a spa session.

She and Xiao Bai had just laid down when a waiter brought red wine over.

“Miss Su, this is your red wine.”

“Im sorry, but you might be mistaken.

We didnt order any red wine.”

“Miss Su, this is a gift from the hotel.

This is a bottle of 1982 wine.

It was brewed that year.

Please try it.”

It wasnt that Su Bei had never seen this kind of red wine before, so she was especially surprised.

This kind of red wine called Routier was very expensive, and it cost about 500,000 dollars a bottle.

She had only seen this type of red wine in Feng Zes wine cellar before.

Why was the hotel giving her such expensive wine

Without waiting for Su Bei to reject, the waiter opened the red wine in front of her and poured it into the decanter.

Xiao Bai was very excited.

“This is the first time Ive experienced such good hotel service.

I want to properly enjoy it tonight.”

Since that was the case, Su Bei did not reject it.

She just felt that it was a little strange, but fortunately, this hotel was under Lu Group.

Besides her, there was also Lin Yu and the rest of the cast and crew who were invited to the hotel tonight, so it shouldnt be a big problem.

She also picked up the red wine and took a sip.

Although she wasnt a connoisseur, she could tell that the taste of this wine was very gentle.

It was indeed worthy of being a special brew made by Routier.

Su Bei said to the waiter, “May I ask if everyone who checked in is given this red wine Does everyone enjoy the same service”

“Of course not, Miss Su.

Only the guests staying on the top floor have this kind of service.

The service for guests in the presidential suite is different, and the service for the guests in other rooms is different too.

Its all arranged according to the guests identity and the room theyre staying in.”

Hearing this, Su Bei was slightly relieved.

At least this wasnt some big shots trick to get her.

She closed her eyes and quietly enjoyed the massage.

On the other hand, Jia Shiyun and the rest were having a meal with Manager Li to build a good relationship with him.

At the banquet, Manager Li gave Jia Shiyun a lot of dignity and didnt reject any of her toasts.

Jia Shiyun got others to have a toast with him too, and he drank until his glass was dry.

It could be said that he had given Jia Shiyun enough dignity.

Under the envious gazes of the crowd, Jia Shiyuns smile was reserved and generous as if these things were just very common to her.

Song Yao and Li Qiaoer were the most envious.

They felt that they didnt come to this dinner for nothing.

They were also glad that they didnt invite Su Bei along.

If they had invited Su Bei, would Jia Shiyun still treat them so kindly

The meal actually didnt last long.

After all, other than Jia Shiyun, most of the others were newbies.

They didnt have much contact with Manager Li.

Their difference in statuses was too great.

Hence, after a while, Manager Li used the excuse that he had something to attend to and wanted to leave.

No one tried to keep him.

At least he had already shown up in front of them.

They had achieved their goal for tonights dinner.

Everyone surrounded Jia Shiyun and entered the hotel.

Song Yao was exceptionally respectful as she said, “Luckily, Sister Shiyun was here today.

Otherwise, Manager Li wouldnt have agreed to come and have a meal with us.

Also, did you see how Manager Li treats Sister Shiyun differently”

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