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Lin Yu said, “Forget it, Im tired now.

The hotpot should arrive soon.

Ill go down first.

Xiao Bei, are you really not going to eat with me”

“Thank you, but I still cant.

After all, not everyone is like you.

You can eat so much spicy hotpot and drink a lot of water but your face wont be swollen the next day.”

Lin Yu shrugged and left.

Xiao Bai looked at Lin Yus back view with starry eyes.

“As expected of my idol!”

The manager then introduced the entire room to Su Bei.

It turned out that everything in this room could be controlled by voice and was very high-tech.

Only when Su Bei and Xiao Bai confirmed that there was nothing suspicious did the manager leave.

Xiao Bai said doubtfully, “Su Bei, I dont know who is responsible for this.

He suddenly arranged such a good room for you.”

Su Bei thought for a while and said, “It might be Manager Li.

Everyone else invited him for dinner tonight, but no one brought me along.

He probably doesnt want to favor one over the other in his current position.

Since I didnt go for dinner, he thought of another way to comfort me.”

Xiao Bai nodded her head.

“At least he has good taste and knows who are the people he cant afford to offend.

He must have thought about how you were so popular in the past and how you might continue to be popular as a model in the future.

It must be right looking at how hes trying to please you.”

Although Su Bei didnt completely agree with Xiao Bais point of view, the truth seemed to prove that Manager Li was such a person.

In the room, Xiao Bai was pleasantly surprised as she walked around and used her voice to control the lights and music.

She found it extremely fun.

Because Su Bei never put on airs in front of her and treated her like a friend, Xiao Bai was carefree in front of Su Bei.

Seeing that Su Bei still had no intention of sleeping, she smiled and said, “Why dont we go for a spa session I heard that this hotels spa is very good.

Youve had a tiring day today.

Lets go together.”

Su Bei thought about it and agreed.

Xiao Bai rarely came to such a seven-star hotel, and there must be many artists in the spa right now.

It might not be convenient for Xiao Bai to go alone, so Su Bei decided to go with her.

The spa in the clubhouse.

The person in charge of the clubhouse received the news that Su Bei was staying on the top floor tonight and was the most respected guest here.

When he saw Su Bei and Xiao Bai coming over, he went up to them with a look of surprise and said with a smile, “Miss Su, why did you come down”

“Im accompanying my assistant for a spa session.

Is there an empty slot now”

“Yes, of course.

Please come in.

Actually, Miss Su, as long as youre in a presidential suite or above, you can call for a separate spa service.

Therell be private masseuses wholl go to your room to serve you.

You dont have to come down personally.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Its okay.

Its good to walk around and stretch our muscles.”

Because Xiao Bai was not staying in the presidential suite but in an ordinary room, Su Bai came over mainly to take care of Xiao Bai.

Since Su Bei was already here, the person-in-charge naturally wouldnt have any objections and would definitely do his best to serve her.

He immediately got someone to call the two best masseuses over and arranged a special room for Su Bei and Xiao Bai to serve them.

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