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Although the presidential suite was not bad, it was still far from the room reserved for Lu Heting.

Other than Lu Heting himself, no one else had ever stayed in his room.

No matter what, the presidential suite was open to the public.

All kinds of guests had stayed here before.

Su Bei would indeed be wronged if she were made to stay here.

The manager didnt know Su Beis identity, but to be able to stay in a room specially reserved for Lu Heting, she was definitely not an ordinary person.

Furthermore, she must have a close relationship with Lu Heting.

Therefore, the managers smile was very appropriate.

It was respectful and apologetic, but not overly humble.

Because of what had happened the last time, Su Bei and Xiao Bai were on their guard.

The rooms on the top floor were so few and precious.

What if some big shot had taken a fancy to Su Bei and suddenly thought of doing this to get close to her

“What are you guys talking about Why are you making so much noise” With his hands in his trouser pockets, Lin Yu leisurely walked out and went toward them.

With his status, it was more than enough for him to stay in the presidential suite, so his room was not far from Su Beis room.

He was originally paying attention to Su Beis movements, so when he heard the voices, he came over.

The manager quickly told him what had happened but did not mention Lu Hetings name.

He only said that he wanted to get Su Bei a better room.

As soon as Lin Yu heard this, he knew that it was Lu Hetings arrangement.

He didnt expect Lu Heting to be so passionate.

Even now, he was still secretly providing Su Bei with all sorts of benefits.

Su Bei looked a little doubtful.

Lin Yu casually ruffled the hair on his forehead and sighed.

“I havent stayed in such a good room before.

Ill go up and take a look for you.

Take it as me going for an eye-opening experience.”

When Xiao Bai heard this, she was overjoyed.

With Lin Yus help, she could go up and take a look.

Even if there were big shots who wanted to plot against Su Bei, they could find an excuse to leave immediately and minimize the risk.

When the manager heard that Lin Yu was going to the top floor to take a look, he knew it was Lu Hetings room and was about to refuse.

Unexpectedly, Su Bei also said, “Since you want to take a look, lets go up together.”

Seeing that Su Bei had spoken, the manager could not object anymore.

Moreover, Lin Yu was Su Beis best friend, so the manager just let it slide.

With his hands in his pockets, Lin Yu swaggered to the elevator and walked straight in as if he really wanted to see that room.

Su Bei and Xiao Bai followed him.

The manager hurried in as well.

When they reached the top floor, the manager opened the door after swiping the room card.

The room instantly became as bright as day.

The room was fully furnished.

The presidential suite downstairs was luxurious enough, but the rooms upstairs were much better than the presidential suites.

Just the size alone was enough to crush the presidential suites downstairs.

This room was a few hundred square meters.

The brilliant Italian chandelier, made of high-end crystal, hung from the ceiling and shone brightly.

All sorts of Italian furniture were placed neatly on the floor.

The floor was covered with a snow-white Angora rabbit carpet.

When one stepped on it, it was as fluffy as a cloud.

All the decorations were exquisite down to the minute details, showing the meticulousness of the room.

Lin Yu strolled around inside with an indifferent expression.

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