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“No, Ill pass.

You can go by yourself.” Su Bei knew that he could eat hotpot every day for a year.

Su Beis stomach could not take it.

“Xiao White Youre called Xiao Bai, right” Lin Yu glanced at Xiao Bai.

“Yes, yes.

Thats me.” Xiao Bai was flattered that her idol could remember her name.

“Shall we go and eat hotpot” Lin Yu didnt like to eat alone, nor did he like to eat with people he wasnt familiar with.

Xiao Bai could be considered as half an acquaintance, so he casually invited her.

Xiao Bai was instantly excited.

“No thank you, but I appreciate the thought.”

Although she really wanted to eat hotpot with her idol, she was also afraid of the paparazzi and the fans attacks.

It was safer for her to follow Su Bei.

Lin Yu was a little bored.

“Forget it.

Ill just order hotpot takeout! Its no fun at all!”

Su Bei mourned for the hotel staff for a few minutes.

This room would probably take ten times the time to clean up.

“Lin Stone, have you ever thought of doing a live broadcast of you eating” Su Bei asked curiously.

“Whats the benefit of doing a live broadcast”

“You can eat hotpot and earn money.

Two birds with one stone.”

Lin Yus eyes lit up.

“How much can I earn”

Su Bei asked Xiao Bai, “How much can he earn”

“I have a cousin who does live broadcasts.

A single video can earn 2,000 yuan! If you do it 30 days a month, you can earn…” Xiao Bai started counting with her fingers.

“Do I look like someone who lacks that bit of money” Lin Yu snorted.

“Im just short of someone to eat hotpot with me, okay”

After parting with Lin Yu, Xiao Bai went to send Su Bei to her room.

Su Bei looked at the room card and realized that she had been assigned a presidential suite, which could be said to be the most luxurious.

This hotel only had a presidential suite on the second top floor and there were not many rooms.

Just as she was about to swipe her card, the hotel manager rushed over and said with a smile, “Miss Su, this is not your room.

We have already prepared a new one for you.”

Xiao Bai was a little displeased at that moment.

“Why should we have to change rooms When we came here, the hotel gave us this room.

Where should we go now You guys cant bully us like this!”

Normally, Xiao Bai wouldnt lose her temper.

After all, she represented Su Bei as well.

But tonight, Su Bei was ostracized.

Now, she had to change her room.

It triggered Xiao Bais anger.

The manager immediately said, “Miss Bai, youve misunderstood.

Thats not what we meant.”

“Then what do you mean Why did you change Su Beis room at the last minute Youd better give us an explanation.

Were not that easy to bully.”

The manager quickly smiled apologetically.

“Our best room is not the presidential suite here but the room on the top floor.

The rooms on the top floor are specially reserved.

There are only three rooms in total, and theyre usually not open to outsiders.

Tonight, one of them has been specially reserved for Miss Su.”

Xiao Bai asked warily, “Dont tell me theres a conspiracy”

“Of course not.

Miss Su and Miss Bai, both of you can go up and take a look first.” The managers smile became even more sincere.

There were indeed only three rooms on the top floor.

One belonged to Lu Heting, one to Lu Weijian, and the other to Old Master Lu.

It was true that the rooms werent available to the outside world.

However, how could Lu Heting bear to let Su Bei be uncomfortable while working outside When he heard that Li Qisheng had arranged a presidential suite, he immediately got someone to change Su Beis room.

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