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“Go ahead, Sister Tian,” Jia Shiyun said.

Tian Jinnuo understood what Jia Shiyun meant.

Bringing these newbies to meet Li Qisheng wouldnt threaten Jia Shiyuns status at all.

Instead, it would show them how important Jia Shiyun was to Di Xing Media Company.

Everyone knew that even Li Qisheng had to be careful around her.

Everyone would also know that getting close to Su Bei would not bring them any benefits.

Unknowingly, they would naturally attack and ostracize Su Bei.

When Song Yao and the others heard that Jia Shiyun had agreed to participate in their plans, they were all very excited.

With her around, the gathering tonight would be a success!

They might not be able to leave deep impressions of themselves on Li Qisheng, but just letting him know of their existence would be good for their futures.

Li Qisheng naturally agreed to Jia Shiyuns invitation.

However, he heard that Su Bei would not come.

He shouted in his heart.

Could this be another battle between the old and new lovers

Life was really too difficult!

It was even more difficult than anything else.

In order not to offend Su Bei, he didnt care about being seen.

He immediately walked to Su Bei and smiled.

“Miss Su, do you have any plans tonight”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Nothing much.

I plan to stay in the hotel and rest.

After all, theres still rehearsal tomorrow morning, right”

There were many performances for the charity gala, and donations were the final highlight.

There was definitely going to be a rehearsal tomorrow, and Su Bei was going on stage.

Li Qisheng smiled and said, “Miss Su, youre really dedicated to your work.

Since you have rehearsals tomorrow morning, Ive arranged for you to stay in a hotel.

Someone will be there to serve you.”

“Thank you, Manager Li.” Su Bei smiled and raised her glass.

“I wont disturb you, then.” Li Qisheng smiled and left.

Su Bei did not know that Li Qisheng had personally come to make amends.

After all, his words were too vague.

She thought that Manager Li knew that she was being ostracized and didnt want everyone to look bad, so he was trying to comfort her.

Someone who could be a manager was really smart.

Su Bei indeed did not plan on going back tonight.

This place was almost two hours away from her place in the city.

It was almost eleven oclock now, and they would have rehearsals at five in the morning.

She would not be able to sleep for long.

She said to Xiao Bai, “Lets go.

Its good that we can have some peace and quiet.

Lets go to bed.”

“Sure, sure!” Xiao Bai followed her happily.

All artists related to Di Xing Media Company were arranged to stay in this seven-star hotel owned by Lu Group.

The rooms were located on the upper floor of the banquet hall, so it was very convenient.

As for the other artists, they were arranged to stay in another five-star hotel across the street.

Other than Su Bei, the other artists were all socializing.

They would not sleep at this time.

After entering the elevator, Su Bei met Lin Yu.

He did not even put on any foundation.

His skin was so fair that it was transparent.

He could simply be the best spokesperson for a hotpot restaurant.

“Su Bei, go eat hotpot.” He had always been lazy.

Compared to Su Bei, he didnt like socializing even more.

He pushed everything to his manager.

It was all thanks to his popularity and love that he was able to become an S-list superstar despite his laziness.

Comparisons were odious.

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