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Song Yao and Li Qiaoer looked at each other and felt that it was impossible for Su Bei to have overheard their conversation.

After all, when they went in, there was no one else in the washroom and they didnt hear anyone coming.

Furthermore, Su Beis expression was too calm.

If she had heard them, she would not be so calm.

“Then when did you go” Song Yao asked with a smile.

“Just now,” Su Bei had no intention of scaring them and said casually.

Song Yao and Li Qiaoer heaved a sigh of relief.

They had gone over ten minutes ago, so they definitely didnt meet Su Bei.

Li Qiaoer shifted her eyes and probed, “Su Bei, you havent had a drink with those big shots since you came over tonight, right Dont you have anyone you want to get to know Like Manager Li Qisheng”

“No, hes so busy.

He probably doesnt have time to deal with me.” Su Bei smiled and shook her head.

Li Qiaoer sighed and said, “Thats true.

These people are all busy.

After the banquet ends, they might have something to do.

How could people like us befriend them”

Song Yao said, “Thats right.

How would he have the time to entertain us Look at Manager Li.

Hes probably busy with Jia Shiyun and the A-list celebrities from Di Xing Media Company.”

Su Bei smiled and did not speak again.

Song Yao and Li Qiaoer left with smiles.

After a while, Su Bei saw them talking in groups of three to five.

They were probably talking about inviting Li Qisheng to dinner tonight.

First, they tried to see if Su Bei wanted to talk to Li Qisheng.

Then, they excluded her from their plans.

These peoples actions really made Su Bei laugh.

Xiao Bai was still happily eating her cake.

After eating for a while, she came back and said with her mouth full of cake, “Su Bei, I heard that a few people will be having dinner with Li Qisheng, Manager Li.

Are you going tonight”

“Who did you hear that from”

“Song Yao and Li Qiaoer.

I secretly heard them.

I saw them talking to you.

Did they invite you”

Su Bei shook her head.


Xiao Bai said in surprise, “But they clearly gathered many people to go with them because they were afraid that Manager Li wouldnt agree to it.

Why didnt they invite you They were clearly chatting very intimately with you just now.”

“Is it that important” Su Bei laughed.

Xiao Bai was more anxious than her.

Su Bei had always thought that such matters were not that important.

The most important thing was ones ability.

These social events were indeed helpful to her career, but that was only for those who were good at socializing and enjoyed it.

For her, she would rather spend her time practicing her skills.

“How could it not be important Li Qisheng is the general manager of Di Xing Media Company and has the backing of Lu Group.

They all say that he has a chance to get in touch with Mr.


Once he gets on Mr.

Lus good side, hell be able to achieve great things! Whoever he likes, even if its a D-list celebrity, hell be able to make them rise to the top,” Xiao Bai said.

“Why dont I ask Song Yao and get her to invite us too”

“Xiao Bai, you dont have to go,” Su Bei called out to her.

Xiao Bai asked, “Why This is a good opportunity.”

“I overheard their conversation in the washroom just now.

Theyre deliberately excluding me from their plans.

Wouldnt we be asking to get rejected if we went to look for them” Su Bei asked.

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