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After Su Bei came out, she did not expect to meet Li Qisheng.

As one of the most popular men tonight, he seemed to have drunk quite a bit.

His entire face was red, but there were still people waiting for an opportunity to come up and have a toast with him.

Song Yao and Li Qiaoer were also restless.

Su Bei slightly curled her lips.

She did not want to participate in any of these things and could not help but purse her lips.

“Hello, Manager Li.” Su Bei bumped into Li Qisheng.

Out of courtesy, she greeted him.

Seeing that he was in a daze, she did not mind and left after greeting him.

When Li Qisheng came back to his senses, Su Bei had already walked away.

Li Qisheng indeed felt that this was a difficult situation.

At night, they had to book hotel rooms for these celebrities.

Even though they might not stay, they had to make all the necessary arrangements.

The arrangements had to be of a certain standard.

He did not need to give many instructions about making arrangements for certain artists as his staff would proceed with the task as usual.

But this year was going to be difficult.

Firstly, there was Jia Shiyun.

The room that was arranged for her needed to be the best.

She was the number one female artist in Di Xing Media Company, and she was also a candidate personally selected by Mr.


The treatment she received every year when she participated in various activities could even surpass many international superstars.

No one would say anything about it.

But Su Bei made things difficult.

Logically speaking, Su Bei was someone whom Mr.

Lu had personally instructed him to take care of.

She was also the young mistress of the Lu family.

Li Qisheng would definitely treat her as the most important guest now.

In that case, she would definitely be treated the same way as Jia Shiyun.

In fact, she might even be treated better than Jia Shiyun.

How was he going to explain it to Jia Shiyun

Furthermore, Lu Weijian had also said that Jia Shiyuns matters would remain as usual.

Li Qisheng couldnt help but knock his head.


Lu, youre really making things difficult for me.

One is a new lover while the other is an old flame.

Its such a huge challenge.

This difficult task is too much for a small fry like me to handle!”

If it were anyone else, it might not be so difficult for them.

Some of the bosses of such companies had the ability to keep their wives at home and have mistresses outside.

Hence, their subordinates were experienced in handling such situations.

As for Mr.

Lu, he had only been in this situation once, so Li Qisheng was really inexperienced.

In the end, he decided to give preferential treatment to all artists related to Di Xing Media Company.

This way, no one would have anything to say.

When Su Bei came out, Song Yao and Li Qiaoer were still chatting.

Seeing Su Bei, the two of them gave each other a look and did not continue the previous topic.

Instead, they smiled and said, “Su Bei, where did you go just now”

“I went to the washroom for a while,” Su Bei said with a smile.

His eyes were open and no one could detect anything in them.

However, these words frightened Song Yao and Li Qiaoer so much that they nearly dropped the glass of red wine in their hands.

Although they didnt say anything bad about Su Bei behind her back, they had blatantly ostracized Su Bei.

After all, it wasnt a good thing that they were talking about her behind her back.

The two of them looked embarrassed.

Song Yao was quick-witted and immediately asked, “Why didnt I see you I went to the washroom too.”

“What a coincidence.

I didnt see you either,” Su Bei replied.

Her sincere smile made it difficult for others to read her mind.

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