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“Sigh, I dont dare to do that at all,” Song Yao complained and sighed.

Li Qiaoer also said, “Thats right.

The same goes for me too.

I really envy you, Su Bei.

You have such long legs and your upper body doesnt have any excess fat.

Were different.

We rely on dieting to lose weight.”

Since they had already said such words, Su Bei could only chat with them for a little while more.

A while later, Song Yao and Li Qiaoer left.

Su Bei only ate a little, but when she saw Xiao Bai eating so seriously, she took a few slices of Xiao Bais favorite chocolate cake and gave them to her.

“Thank you, Su Bei!” Little White took them and ate them in one bite.

The other female artists looked at Xiao Bai enviously before retracting their gazes.

They were afraid that they would not be able to resist the temptation.

Xiao Bais physique was normal among normal people, but among this bunch of female artists with glamorous bodies, she could definitely be considered a fatty.

However, it was a good thing that she did not feel the pressure of being around female artists and was even eating happily.

Su Beis hands were stained with some food.

She then went to the washroom to wash her hands and use the toilet.

After entering, she chose a cubicle and closed the door.

She then heard Song Yao and Li Qiaoers voices.

Song Yaos voice was slightly shrill, so it was recognizable.

“Weve agreed that everyone must find a chance to invite Manager Li to a meal tonight.

Although we cant do things like giving gifts or bribery, we have to make ourselves known to Manager Li.”

Su Bei guessed that the Manager Li she was talking about was Li Qisheng.

Indeed, as the general manager of Di Xing Media Company, Li Qisheng was one of the most popular men tonight.

Everyone wanted to get his attention.

Who didnt want him to take a fancy to them so that they could get resources

It was not convenient for Su Bei to go out now, so she could only continue listening.

Li Qiaoer said, “Thats right.

Since were all together, Manager Li wont reject us.

Even if he doesnt give us any resources, at least hell know that were very sensible and obedient.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Why dont you call your friend with the surname Qian Although shes not from Di Xing Media Company, theres still hope for her to jump ship.”

“Ill call her later.” Li Qiaoer then asked,” Should I get Su Bei to come along”

Song Yao immediately objected, saying, “No, we cant get Su Bei.

Shell steal our limelight.”

Su Bei, who was in the cubicle: “…”

‘Thank you, but I dont like to be involved in this kind of thing, okay Its uncomfortable to keep smiling during a party where you cant even eat well.

Li Qiaoer nodded.

“Then we have to cover our mouths well and not let Su Bei know.

I wonder if Su Bei will invite someone to eat in private Sigh, if she were to invite someone, Im afraid not many men will be able to resist.”

“Just dont call her along.” Song Yao rolled her eyes.

Then, they heard the sound of running water.

They washed their hands and left.

Only then did Su Bei come out.

However, thinking of the two peoples attitude toward her in front of her and behind her back, she couldnt help but sneer.

Some peoples hearts… were really hard to see through.

Therefore, one had to be careful when treating others with sincerity.

When Su Bei came out, Li Qisheng spotted her at a glance.

He was about to go forward when he thought of something and stopped.

It was better to meet Su Bei in private.

There were too many people staring at the two of them on such occasions.

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