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Before Su Bei came, almost everyone came forward to greet her and chatted with her.

However, after Su Bei came, although some people didnt talk to Su Bei, their gazes seemed to be stuck on her.

Su Bei attracted everyones attention.

Wherever she went, everyone could not help but take another look.

She was indeed radiant as her beautiful eyes looked around the hall.

Jia Shiyun subconsciously clenched her fists.

She hated Su Beis habit of showing off her beauty.

Especially since she had a conflict with Su Bei the last time and Su Bei had humiliated her on the spot.

This repressed grudge had yet to be resolved.

Jia Jia whispered, “Su Bei also got an invitation”

Jia Shiyuns manager, Tian Jinna, pouted and said, “It must be because she participated in Two Phoenixes.

Di Xing Media Company had to invite her.

Otherwise, how could she have gotten such an opportunity on her own”

“Thats true.

She could only keep her role in Two Phoenixes because Director Jia protected her.” Jia Jia looked down on Su Bei.

If she couldnt get such a role, what right did Su Bei have to get it

“Forget it, its just Su Bei.

Whats there to discuss” Jia Shiyun said.

However, Su Bei was really a shining star.

Wherever she went, many people would immediately greet her and chat with her.

It was unlike their attitude toward Jia Shiyun.

Their respect toward her was due to the fact that she was from Di Xing Media Company.

As for Su Bei, it was purely because she was such a good-looking person and they simply wanted to talk to her.

With Su Beis pleasing figure and appearance, it seemed the red wine in her hands smelled even more fragrant!

Other than the artists in Di Xing Media Company and some people who were already on good terms with Jia Shiyun, almost everyone else greeted Su Bei.

The people of Di Xing Media Company all fawned over Jia Shiyun.

Su Bei was just an outsider.

How could she compare to Jia Shiyun, who was worth them putting the effort to get close to

Those who were on good terms with Jia Shiyun already knew that Su Bei had a conflict with her, so they wouldnt be so insensible as to chat with Su Bei.

After Su Bei walked around, she became bored.

She was not here to seek opportunities and was too lazy to socialize with others.

Therefore, she walked to the buffet area and used food as an excuse to avoid unnecessary socializing.

“Su Bei, youre here too” A woman casually called out.

She was holding onto her companion.

Su Bei recognized her as the woman who came in from the parking lot at the same time as her.

Her name was Song Yao, while her companion was Li Qiaoer.

Song Yao and Li Qiaoer were very enthusiastic.

When they were outside the door just now, they had chatted with Su Bei for a while.

Therefore, Su Bei knew that they were also new artists signed by Di Xing Media Company.

“Yeah, Im hungry after running around.

Lets eat something,” Su Bei replied with a smile, her eyes carrying faint starlight.

Song Yao stared at her plate enviously.

“Su Bei, how do you maintain your figure Dont you get fat no matter how you eat I dont dare to eat anything after four in the afternoon.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Its nothing much.

I just control my diet and exercise.

I only occasionally indulge myself to satisfy my cravings.”

In fact, she was not fat at all.

When she was pregnant with twins, she had tried her best to eat but she still did not gain much weight.

However, it was not appropriate to say such things to others.

Those who did not know would think that she was showing off.

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