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Chapter 852 Far From Satisfied

However, Jia Shiyun was still far from satisfied with this position.

She should be the mistress of Lu Group, but she had yet to receive the final approval and Mr.

Lus personal approval.

However, was that day still far away

The person beside her enthusiastically complimented her, saying, “Shiyun, your gown tonight is really beautiful.

Is this a new item from the Milan Fashion Show”

“It was given to Sister Shiyun.” Jia Jia spoke up at the right time.

“Isnt it the latest design from Livouver It was custom-made for Sister Shiyun.”

“No wonder.

The gown makes Shiyun even more beautiful.”

“No, no, no.

Its Shiyun who makes this outfit tasteful.

I dont mean to say this, but how can an ordinary person be able to handle the complexity of Livouvers clothes”

“Yeah, youre right.

Only Shiyun, who has a good figure, looks beautiful, and has a good temperament can pull off this brands clothes.”

A reserved smile appeared on Jia Shiyuns face.

“What are you talking about Its all thanks to the designer of the brand who helped me modify it.”

When everyone heard this, they were once again filled with envy.

“Only Shiyun has such fame and ability to get the designer of Livourer to personally make changes, unlike me.

My gown today was borrowed.”

Everyone laughed kindly.

Jia Shiyuns face was radiant, and her beauty was unparalleled.

Other than beauty, humans had always relied on their essence, spirit, and vitality.

This was especially so in the entertainment industry.

Actually, everyone had similar looks and each had their own merits.

There was almost no one who was actually ugly.

However, some people would become more and more attractive if their careers were smooth-sailing.

Some peoples careers were not as smooth-sailing.

No matter how good their looks were, they were still wasting time being in this industry.

Jia Shiyun belonged to the category of people who had the right essence, spirit, and vitality.

Her looks werent particularly outstanding, but she was young.

In addition, Di Xing Media Company had always been generous in giving her resources.

She had nurtured the aura of an A-list celebrity and indeed stood out from the crowd.

Just as Jia Shiyun was receiving the compliments of the crowd, the noisy crowd suddenly quieted down.

This silence made everyone feel strange.

They started looking in a certain direction.

Jia Shiyun couldnt help but follow the crowds line of sight.

She looked toward the door.

Su Bei and Xiao Bai were chatting as they walked in.

As it was only a cocktail party, Su Beis expression was very relaxed and casual.

As she entered, she sensed that there was a moment of silence as if everyone was looking at her.

About four or five seconds later, everyone held their breaths as they looked at Su Bei.

There were countless celebrities who had been famous for a long time as well as those who became famous overnight.

These peoples looks had all been verified, but when Su Bei arrived, everyone was still stunned by her beauty and looked over with burning eyes.

Su Bei was already used to such moments.

She nodded her head and bowed to everyone.

Her expression was natural and elegant.

Her usually flamboyant eyebrows were also slightly restrained at this moment.

It gave her a slightly cold charm.

The silence was broken only when she approached.

Only then did everyone hold their wine glasses again and start talking softly.

A few acquaintances greeted Su Bei.

Although the others did not know Su Bei, they still looked at her and remained silent.

Jia Shiyun, who was surrounded by the crowd, was the one who felt this change the most.

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