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Chapter 851: The Mistress Of Di Xing Media Company

Furthermore, there were many big shots on the list.

They were all top celebrities in S Country.

It was indeed a dazzling event.

According to Yue Ze, this was a charity banquet sponsored by Di Xing Media Company.

It was held every year.

Typically, charity galas would be held at the end of the year.

This charity gala was specially chosen to be held at the start of the year.

Every year, the entire countrys attention would be on it.

Therefore, there were many respondents.

Not to mention those who received the invitation, even those celebrities who did not receive an invitation were thinking of ways to be invited and get a shot to attend.

The event would be held three days later.

Coincidentally, Su Beis schedule was empty on that day.

As there was a cocktail party the night before, most celebrities would arrive at the venue one night in advance.

Many of them even stayed in nearby hotels in hopes of getting a chance to connect with Di Xing Media Company and Lu Group.

Su Bei followed the crowd to the venue of the first nights party.

As Su Bei had already temporarily left the modeling industry and was currently filming a movie, she didnt have much exposure.

Therefore, other than Jin Xiu, which was the brand she was endorsing, no other brand actively provided her with gowns.

The brands were all very smart and would only provide clothes for the artists that they thought were worth it.

Su Bei was currently filming a movie.

Although news of her audition had spread and it was mentioned that her acting skills were not bad…

The quality of the film was still unknown.

Su Beis future development was still a huge mystery too.

No one dared to bet their money on her.

They were all still in a wait-and-see state.

They were afraid that she would have poor performance at the box office.

If that was the case, the reputation of their brands would be greatly discounted along with Su Bei.

Xiao Bai followed behind her and said in a low voice, “These brands are looking down on us.

Theyll regret it in the future.”

“Its nothing.

Didnt Jin Xiu give me this gown” Su Bei smiled.

Xiao Bai was stunned by her smile.

Su Bei was really beautiful no matter what she wore.

Her makeup was so light, but it made her heart race despite being of the same gender.

Xiao Bai stammered.

“Thats right.

Only Jin Xiu has good taste.

Not only did they lend you this gown but they even said you could just keep it.”

After saying that, she blushed.

Su Bei was really too good-looking today.

Jin Xiu had given her a modified cheongsam.

Cheongsam was a dress that required a good figure to wear.

Even the slightest bit of flesh on ones body would make one look bigger and rounder.

One had to have no trace of fat on their body to be able to display their charm.

Su Bei was wearing a moon-white cheongsam today.

It was embroidered with golden silk.

It was low-key yet elegant.

Her hair was also combed into a classic style.

In the venue, stars were gathered, and the spotlights were dazzling.

The famous celebrities from S Country were all present and were raising their glasses.

At this moment, Jia Shiyun was probably the most popular person in the hall.

As an A-list actress in Di Xing Media Company, she enjoyed a high level of fame.

In addition to the fame of her works in the past two years, she had already stabilized her position as a first-rate movie star.

In addition, the charity gala this time was sponsored by Di Xing Media Company.

Jia Shiyun could be considered half a mistress.


The others also treated her as the mistress of Di Xing Media Company.

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