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Chapter 850 Be Responsible To The End

On the other end of the phone, Lu Heting seemed to have guessed what Mr.

Pang had done after hearing the gust of wind from the movement.

Since Mr.

Pang had already obediently cut off a finger and Su Bei was fine, he would pretend that this had never happened.


Lu Hetings eyes were cold.

Under the cold moonlight, they looked especially chilling.

However, when he glanced at the quiet and sweet figure sleeping on the bed, his body turned warm and soft.

Lu Hang said to Mr.

Pang, “Mr.

Pang, I believe Mr.

Lus anger has subsided.

Take your finger back.”

“No need.” Even if Mr.

Pang brought it back, it would be useless.

Did he have to bring it back Then what would Mr.

Lu think of his atonement

He picked it up and tossed it into the trash can.

He took off his jacket, hugged his palms, and turned around to walk away.

Who asked him to be blind enough to dare to touch Mr.

Lus woman

Lu Hang shook his head.

He really did not know what had happened.

However, he secretly guessed that this matter probably had something to do with Young Madam, right After all, it had been a long time since he saw anyone get so scared by Mr.


The next day, Su Bei arrived on set with an uneasy heart.

She was a little worried about Mr.

Pangs revenge.

Such a person was not easy to deal with.

However, Su Bei would have her own way of dealing with it.

It all depended on what the other party wanted to do.

She had just arrived when Director Guos assistant said to her, “Su Bei, theres a meeting going on over there.

Manager Li from Di Xing Media Company is here.

He wants you to go over as well.”

Su Beis heart thumped.

Could it be about Mr.


She strode toward the conference room.

When Li Qisheng saw Su Bei, he immediately stood up.

He could not help but show her some respect.

This was Mr.

Lus wife whom he had secretly married.

As someone who knew the inside story, how could he dare to be careless

“Ahem.” Li Qisheng coughed lightly and cleared his throat.

“Su Bei, Im here today to tell you to focus on the shoot.

Dont worry about any other things.

Since Di Xing Media Company chose to invest in this film, well be responsible for this film and everyone in the cast until the end!”

He was here to dispel Subeis unease.

Seeing Su Beis relieved expression, Li Qisheng wanted to say more but he thought that it would be wrong to say too much.

It would not be good if he ruined Mr.

Lus plan, so he shut up and left.

Of course, he had to come personally even if it was a small matter.

Li Qisheng could tell how much Mr.

Lu cared for Su Bei.

When Su Bei heard this, she was relieved.

Her worries last night were really unnecessary.

Di Xing Media Company was indeed competent.

After Li Qisheng left, Director Guo said seriously, “Lu Group is a company with a conscience.

They have a clear conscience.”

Su Bei agreed with this statement.

It seemed that there was nothing to worry about.

When Yue Ze received the good news, he relayed it to Su Bei.

“Theres a gala coming soon and itll be broadcasted to the entire country.

Theyre inviting you to appear on stage.

Ive looked at the time and its possible to arrange it.”


We can take on this event.”

“Alright,” Yue Ze agreed.

When Su Bei saw the list of attendees, she realized that there was no lack of famous people in the entertainment industry attending the gala.

Among them was the current popular actress of Di Xing Media Company, Jia Shiyun.

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