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This way, his sins would not be as great.

It would not be as bad even if Mr.

Lu blamed him.

He could not help but secretly rejoice that he had not succeeded in getting things his way.


Sweat poured out of Mr.

Pangs forehead like a fountain.

He walked carefully toward Lu Heting.

Yue Ze quickly stood in front of Lu Heting and Su Bei.


Pang walked closer and saw Lu Hetings adoring gaze on Su Bei.

Lu Heting asked in a low voice, “Are you okay”

“Im fine, hubby.

But we cant stay here for long.

Lets go,” Su Bei said softly.

Hearing Su Bei call himHubby, Mr.

Pangs sweat poured out like a broken dam.

Hubby Su Bei said that she was married and had a family.

Her husband was Mr.


On Mr.

Pangs extremely boorish face, his nerves were trembling.

His thick black eyebrows were like two caterpillars.

Just like his aura at the moment, he became timid.

“L-Lu…” Mr.

Pang had never thought that he would one day stammer like this.

The moment he said those words, Lu Hetings gaze was on him.

It was as if there was magic in Lu Hetings eyes that froze Mr.



Pang, youre in such a good mood today,” Lu Heting said calmly.

His anger and displeasure spread throughout the room.

“No, I wouldnt dare…” Mr.

Pang forced out a smile.

He did not expect that the person he wanted to lay a hand on was Lu Hetings wife!


Wang could also tell from Mr.

Pangs attitude toward Lu Heting that something was wrong.

He wondered if this man was Mr.


How many people could make Mr.

Pang so scared and have the surname Lu

With a plop, Mr.

Wangs legs went weak as he fell on the floor.

His fall eased the tense atmosphere in the venue.

Everyone looked in his direction with surprise.

Lu Heting could not be bothered to lecture such a person in front of Su Bei.

He lowered his eyes and said in an indulgent tone, “Lets go home first.”

He hugged Su Bei and left.

Yue Ze and the dumbfounded Xiao Bai hurriedly followed them.

Seeing Mr.

Pangs change in attitude, Yue Ze secretly wondered about Lu Hetings identity.

The scared Xiao Bai and the worried Su Bei did not notice the changes in Mr.

Pang at all.

After leaving, Lu Heting brought Su Bei to the car.

Yue Ze went home and sent Xiao Bai off.

When they got into the car, Su Bei felt a lingering fear.

“That Mr.

Pang is really too scary.

I really didnt expect you to come.

Fortunately, nothing happened tonight.”

Su Bei did not detect the anger hidden in Lu Hetings cold voice and nodded.

“Yes, Ive never seen someone like him.

I dont know how many women have been victims to him in the past.

Fortunately, I invited his grandmother over and managed to resolve it.”

“Its been hard on you.” Lu Heting held her hand and rubbed the back of it with his thumb.

His woman was smart and knew how to make use of Grandma Pang.

Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.


Pang would probably not dare to touch Su Bei anymore.

However, Lu Heting would remember this clearly!

Su Bei said softly, “Dont worry.

Brother Yue and I are experienced in dealing with such matters.

However, tomorrows shoot might not go on as normal anymore.

Maybe Mr.

Pang will look for trouble with us.

I wonder if Lu Group, who invested in us, will step in to interfere”

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