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Chapter 847 The Woman Mr.

Lu Likes

Su Bei held Xiao Bais hand, signaling her not to be afraid.

Now that things had come to this, Mr.

Pang would definitely not touch them for the time being.

She would worry about the trouble later.


Wang, who was at the side, broke out in a cold sweat for Su Bei.

He thought to himself, This woman is really daring! She even invited the old lady out! This has solved the pressing problem but it has planted a seed of chaos.

This is only a temporary solution.”

He secretly shook his head.

What a delicate beauty.

She was really going to suffer now.

What a pity, what a pity!

Su Bei looked at Xiao Bai and asked the injured Yue Ze, “Brother Yue, can you still walk”

“I can.

Lets go.” Yue Ze let them walk in front while he followed behind.

Anyway, if there was any trouble, they could talk about it later.

Before Su Bei and the rest left, the door was opened again.

Everyone looked at the door.

This time, Su Beis familiar face appeared in front of them.

The mans cold eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and his eyes were filled with a dangerous glint.

Clearly, he had already vaguely guessed what had happened inside the door.

He was full of worry and displeasure.

When Su Bei saw him, she was pleasantly surprised but also worried.

She quickly stepped forward and grabbed his arm.

“Lu Heting!”

She had told Lu Heting her private room number so that he could pick her up later.

She just didnt expect him to come so early.

The matter here had already been settled.

Su Bei did not want any more trouble, so it was not convenient for him to stay here for long.

She didnt want him to get into trouble with Mr.


“Lets go, hubby,” Su Bei whispered.

Lu Heting could tell at a glance that Yue Ze was injured, and it was obvious that it had happened just a moment ago.

Yue Zes clothes were in a mess, and one side of his glasses was broken.

Lu Hetings sharp gaze fell on Su Bei.

He wanted to check if she was injured.

How dare they lay a hand on Su Bei and her agent! Lu Hetings hawk-like eyes could not hide the coldness in them.

After Mr.

Pang finished talking to his grandmother, he picked up his cigar and puffed out smoke rings.

Amidst the smoke, he suddenly saw the man who had appeared before him.

His body immediately trembled.

Lu Hetings identity was mysterious and low-profile.

There were very few people who could recognize him, but that did not mean there were none.

Those who could recognize him had some status, including Mr.



Pang was shocked.

Was this really Lu Heting

He was so shocked that he didnt take another puff of the cigar that was raised in mid-air.


Lu had taken a liking to Su Bei Did he just attempt to snatch the woman Mr.

Lu had taken a fancy to

How could this be!!!

Apart from his grandmother, Mr.

Pang was most afraid of Mr.


He was afraid of his grandmother out of respect and filial piety.

He was afraid of Mr.

Lu because of his abilities and methods.

He panicked and was thinking about his words.

What could he do to make Mr.

Lu forgive him


Wang didnt know Lu Heting, so he asked, “Mr.

Pang, should we chase that man out”

He only saw Lu Heting coming for Su Bei, so he was afraid that he would make Mr.

Pang unhappy.

“Where did you get your guts from!” Mr.

Pang angrily scolded this blind dog.

He secretly prayed in his heart that Mr.

Lu had only taken a fancy to Su Beis beauty and only wanted to play with her.

He hoped Lu Hetings feelings for Su Bei were just superficial.

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