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Chapter 846 He Had Underestimated This Woman

“Throw the agent out.

Su Bei will stay!” Mr.

Pang picked up a cigar and lit it with the lighter that the bodyguard held.

He then blew out a mouthful of smoke.

He intended to use force.

In his world, there was nothing that he could not obtain.

Su Bei, who was in front of him, was just another item to him.

The bodyguards immediately grabbed Yue Ze.

Although Yue Ze wanted to protect Su Bei, he was not a strong person.

In front of these bulky bodyguards, how much could he resist

He was quickly caught and thrown out.

Su Bei was alone in the room, facing the large group of people and Mr.

Pang, who harbored ill intentions.

“Su Bei!” Yue Ze anxiously shouted.

Su Bei and Yue Zes bags had been taken away by the bodyguards, so they couldnt call for help.


Pang walked toward Su Bei one step at a time.

He leisurely blew out smoke rings and said, “You went out for wool only to come home shorn!”

He had just approached when the door suddenly opened.

Su Beis assistant, Xiao Bai, helped an old lady in.

When they saw the old lady, Su Bei and Yue Ze were elated.


Pang was also stunned.

“Grandma, why are you here”

“Im here to visit you! Are you surprised” the old lady said kindly.

“You havent been home recently, and I miss you.

Hey, hows your work going Look at you, youve lost weight and become tanned.

Why are these people grabbing onto others You young children shouldnt fight! Fighting isnt good for children!”


Pang quickly signaled for them to release Su Bei.

In an instant, Su Bei and Yue Ze were released.

Xiao Bai quickly ran to Su Beis side and tightly grabbed her arm.

“Su Bei, I brought her here.

Whats going on”

Su Bei said to the old lady, “Grandma Pang, can we go now”

Grandma Pang was Mr.

Pangs grandma.


Pang had no parents since he was young and his family was poor.

It was his grandma who had painstakingly raised him.

Therefore, no matter how fearless he was, he had to respect his grandma.

He was also afraid of her.

Grandma Pang was getting on in years and was suffering from intermittent Alzheimers.

Therefore, Mr.

Pang was extremely filial to her.

Tonight, Su Bei knew that Mr.

Pang was the one who invited them to dinner.

She was afraid that something like this would happen, so she called Grandma Pang over.

The reason why she knew Grandma Pang and where she lived was because the last time Grandma Pang went shopping at Jingbei Mall, she suddenly didnt know how to get home.

The people at the mall sent her to the police station and Su Bei left her personal information.

Before she and Yue Ze came to attend the dinner, she asked Xiao Bai to pick Grandma Pang up from the Pang family.

As Grandma Pang had insisted on staying in her old house and did not move in with Mr.

Pang, Xiao Bai was able to get her here very easily.


Pang fiercely glared at Su Bei.

He had indeed underestimated this woman.

He only saw her delicate and delicate appearance.

The ability that she displayed was incompatible with her appearance, which made him see her in a different light.

Grandma Pang waved her hand.

“Alright, you guys go ahead and get busy.

Come over next time.”


Pang naturally wouldnt make things difficult for Su Bei and Yue Ze at this time, but he would remember this!

Xiao Bai was frightened by his fierce glare and grabbed Su Beis arm tightly.

She was so scared that she wanted to retreat.

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