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Chapter 845 Rejecting Him

It turned out Mr.

Wang had already come to the conclusion that Su Bei would definitely agree with Mr.


“Miss Su, does the wine today suit your taste” Mr.

Pangs eyebrows were extremely thick, giving people the feeling that he was a little fierce.

He smiled at Su Bei and said such words, making one feel a little creeped out.

He was also waiting for Su Beis response.

From his point of view, everything was going to happen as he had anticipated.

Whether it was the artists, female directors, or university students that he had set his eyes on previously, they were all easily won over.

What made Su Bei special from these people

Only then did Su Bei raise her eyes as if she had just heard him.

Her eyebrows were lowered just now, and she was as quiet as a beautiful lily.

At this moment, her eyebrows were slightly raised.

She turned into a red rose again.

Wherever her eyes swept over, it made ones heart soften as a numb feeling spread.

Not to mention Mr.

Pang but even Mr.

Wang, who was beside him, couldnt help but click his tongue.

This kind of woman was very attractive even when just sitting in front of the camera! No wonder Mr.

Pang was determined to win this time.

Su Bei opened her mouth and said in a clear voice, “Im really sorry, Mr.


I dont have any plans to continue filming movies for now.”


Pang and Mr.

Wang had already expected her to show some hesitation before finally agreeing.

They were not surprised.


Wang smiled and said, “Thats understandable.

Artists must find suitable scripts before they accept offers to film movies.

I understand.”

Su Bei smiled in high spirits and said sincerely, “Its not because of this.

Its because Im already married and have a husband and family to take care of.

I cant spare the time.

Please forgive me.”

The meaning behind her words could not be clearer.

She had a family now.

No matter how good the opportunity was, it could not compare to the position her husband and family held in her heart.

Therefore, she had firmly rejected Mr.



Pangs expression changed as he gripped the glass and downed the red wine in one gulp.

The glass slammed onto the table as he shouted, “Good, good!”

He never thought that Su Bei would reject him!


Wang was also shocked.

Not only did Su Bei refuse but she also rejected Mr.

Pang so harshly.

He quickly said, “Miss Su, who stops caring about their career after marriage Miss Su, are you joking Even if youre married, there are some things that you can do.

“If your husband doesnt agree, Mr.

Pang can convince him.”

These words were rather unpleasant to hear.

Su Bei stared at him and smiled.

“My husband wont agree to this, and I dont agree to it either.

With Mr.

Pangs resources, how is it possible that he cant find others who are willing to take on his offer There must be a lot of people who want this offer, right Even though we couldnt come to an agreement, we can still be on friendly terms.

Ill go to the room next door to toast and greet the rest of the crew members!”

After speaking, Su Bei and Yue Ze stood up and were about to leave.

Even though they knew that offending Mr.

Pang would bring them a lot of trouble later on, they couldnt care less at this moment.

“Stop right there!” Mr.

Pang shouted.

The smile on his face had faded and become cold.

However, it matched his original temperament and was not as scary as when he was smiling

Su Bei and Yue Zes hearts skipped a beat as several men in black stepped forward.

The men in black were all expressionless bodyguards.

They directly approached Su Bei and Yue Ze, surrounding them.

With Mr.

Pangs power, it wasnt hard to imagine what he would do here.

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