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Chapter 844 Becoming An International Celebrity

Da Bao thought,I dont need anyone to accompany me.

Thank you.

Naturally, Yue Ze would not let Su Bei go to the dinner alone.

He followed her to the high-class clubhouse.

He and Su Bei entered the clubhouses private room together.

When Su Bei was not working, she never put on makeup.

Her fair face was simple and elegant.

Her skin was so fair that there was not a single blemish on it.

It was a rosy pink and as elastic as a babys skin.

She had only just revealed herself, but Mr.

Pang, who was sitting at the head of the table, had already glanced at her countless times.

His lofty gaze was filled with the desire to possess her.

Su Bei saw the mans malicious gaze and felt uncomfortable.

She also realized that the other members of the production team had not arrived.

A man who was smiling like a Buddha approached them and said, “Miss Su, Agent Yue, please take a seat.”

Yue Ze noticed that no one else was there.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Mr.

Wang, why arent our colleagues here Didnt we agree to have dinner together”.

“Theyre here.

Theyre all sitting in another room.


Pang has a few words to say to you and Miss Su, so he specifically chose this simple and elegant room.”

Yue Zes heart trembled slightly.

He looked at Mr.

Pang and bowed in greeting.

This Mr.

Pang was very powerful, and he was involved in the underworld.

The vast majority of people in the capital had to show him some respect when they saw him.

Even Old Master Tang would have no choice but to obey.

Hence, Yue Ze gave Su Bei a look and Su Bei also sat down.


Wang opened a bottle of high-quality red wine and filled the glasses for the three of them.

He said with a smile, “Actually, Mr.

Pang has always been very interested in the movie industry.

He has also been planning to film one during this period of time, so he wanted to invite the relevant personnel to meet and have a chat.

Miss Su, youre very talented.

I heard from Director Guo that youre a promising talent.


Pang really wants to promote a female artist and turn her into a top star.

He wants to invest a lot of money in her and have her shoot a few international blockbusters to become an international celebrity.

“Miss Su, I wonder if you have such ambitions as well”

Yue Ze and Su Bei understood what was going on.


Pang had an ulterior motive.

Su Bei might have been praised for her talent, but the movie hadnt even been released yet.

What were they praising her on

Didnt Mr.

Pang just want to spend money on her so that she would be his mistress

In the industry, there were definitely female celebrities who had done this before.

The resources they received were indeed good.

But Su Bei was Su Bei.

She never needed these.

Seeing that Yue Ze and Su Bei were silent, Mr.

Wang also knew when to stop.

He then raised his glass of red wine.

He did not say anything else and waited for them to think it through.

It could be said that there was no way a female artist in the industry would not be tempted by such an offer.

A delicate beauty like Su Bei would shine brightly after she got on the stage, but it was obvious that she could not take hardships.

How could she reject such temptation

“Miss Su.” Mr.

Wang gave Su Bei some more red wine.

Ever since Mr.

Pang had asked him to do this, he had specially inquired if any higher-ups in Lu Group were interested in Su Bei.

In the end, there was nothing.

Not only that, it was obvious that Lu Group was not interested in Su Bei at all.

The reason why Lu Group was willing to invest in the movie was because of Director Guos good script.

Furthermore, it was obvious that Lu Groups Di Xing Media Company was trying to promote Han Feng and Rong Xiu.

As for Su Bei, Director Guo was the one protecting her.

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