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Chapter 843 Im Not Important, Am I


Pang scoffed and mocked, “Whats the use of ordinary goods Are there any pretty ones”

In other words, he wanted Su Bei.

This caused the man behind him to sweat profusely.

He had failed to persuade Mr.

Pang and couldnt help sizing Su Bei up.

He secretly ridiculed in his heart,Why does she look so eye-catching for no reason

However, Su Bei was indeed too beautiful.

She was even more radiant than when she was on television.

Her eyes and eyebrows looked delicate, and she was able to grasp the attention of big shots.

“Go look for her and ask her to come be at my side.

I guarantee that shell be able to do whatever she wants in the entire Country S and live a good life!” Mr.

Pang left after saying that.

The man narrowed his eyes and thought for a while.

‘Fine, its just a meal.

If Su Bei is willing, then thats fine.

If not, Ill let her reject Mr.

Pang herself.

That Mr.

Pang had the power and status to say such things.

In the huge capital city, other than the mysterious Mr.

Lu, he had never been afraid of anyone else.

Moreover, even if Su Bei was currently filming a movie produced by a company under Lu Group, it didnt mean that she was the person that Mr.

Lu liked.

Lu Group had invested in many industries and had many artists under them.

It couldnt be that all of them were liked by Mr.

Lu, right

Su Bei did not notice that someone had fallen for her beauty after just a glance.

She was still replying to Lu Hetings WeChat message unhurriedly.

Lin Wenyu walked out after washing her hands.

Su Bei put away her phone and called Lin Wenyu over.

The three of them hailed a cab and went home separately.

The next night, Yue Ze informed Su Bei that someone wanted to treat her to a meal.

“Im so tired.

Cant I reject it like usual” Su Bei asked as she stretched her neck.


As Sheng Tang had a manager like Tang Xinru, they were very protective of their female artists.

Usually, when it came to dinner parties, the artists didnt even need to personally reject them.

On some level, they would be automatically blocked.

“I really cant reject him,” Yue Ze said.

“This man with the surname Pang is very influential.

Moreover, hes the person in charge of our filming locations all these years.

Even if a big company wanted to film a movie, they would have to pay his company a visit.

Besides, he was the one who initiated it this time.

Not only did he ask you out but he also asked the other crew members.”

“In that case, Ill go.” Su Bei agreed.

As the other party had arranged to meet with other people as well, Yue Ze didnt think it was a big problem.

Most likely, he just wanted to meet and get to know each other.

Su Bei did not think that the other party was targeting her either.

As Su Bei could not go home early, she could only inform Lu Heting about it first.

Lu Heting had originally planned to postpone a business gathering and go home to accompany his wife and children.

When he heard that Su Bei could not go back, he asked, “Where are you eating”

Su Bei told Lu Heting the name of a high-class clubhouse.

“Im sending Mr.

Weijian to a nearby place.

Ill bring you home, then,” Lu Heting replied.

Then, he instructed Lu Hang, “Host my business dinner at this place instead.”

They could both take care of their matters and wait for each other to finish work before heading home together.

Gun Gun thought,So Im not important, huh What happened to accompanying your wife and children Did you forget about your children

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