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Chapter 842 Missing Her

The other two were for Feng Cheng and Lin Wenyu respectively.

Su Bei booked a private room at a clubhouse.

When the two of them came over, she was afraid that they would feel uncomfortable, so she did not call Lu Heting along.

Seeing the cards, Feng Cheng and Lin Wenyu looked at each other and refused to accept them.

“In these cards, theres money that we invested together in this project.

Whether its the money that Ruyi Studio earned this time or the money that the mall earned, its all part of what you guys invested back then.”

“Ill accept the money from Ruyi Studio but I definitely wont take anything the shopping mall earned.” Lin Wenyu was easygoing as well.

There was no point in rejecting Su Bei repeatedly.

She reached out and took a card.

Feng Cheng saw that Lin Wenyi had already taken it, so he took it as well.

If he didnt take it, it would seem like he didnt consider himself a friend of Su Beis.

Su Bei liked how straightforward they were.

It would have been really troublesome if they had repeatedly declined.

“Okay, the cards have been distributed.

Now, its time for us to celebrate.” Su Bei ordered wine and supper.

This clubhouse was a high-end clubhouse.

One could only enter with a membership card.

There was no need to worry about paparazzi chasing after them and randomly taking photos.

Feng Cheng and Lin Wenyu were also very relaxed.

The three of them casually drank and chatted.

As they werent heavy drinkers, they didnt drink much.

Although they didnt drink much, they were all in a good mood.

At the end of the meal, the three of them went out to settle the bill together.

As a man, Feng Cheng would fight for the bill no matter what.

He fought till his face turned red.

It was because he had been living off Su Bei for a while.

He had long wanted to wait for such a day when he could pay the bill himself.

This involved a mans subtle pride and dignity.

Su Bei let him be and smiled generously.


She and Lin Wenyu went to the washroom.

Lin Wenyu went inside, and Su Bei received a WeChat message from Lu Heting asking her when she was going home.

Su Bei stood up and replied while waiting for Lin Wenyu: (Soon.

Ill call for a substitute driver.

Wait for my kiss.)

Beside her, a man in his early 40s looked at Su Bei for a moment as he passed her.

The woman, who was not wearing any makeup, had a smile on her face.

The lights in the clubhouse shone down on her, casting a layer of light on her body.

It made her facial features even more distinct and exquisite.

The mans gaze was like that of a predator that had found its prey.

There was a dangerous glint in it.

The person behind him noticed this and whispered, “Mr.


“Who is this woman” The man called Mr.

Pang was in his 40s.

His muscles were very muscular and his face was filled with hostility and slight desire.

After all, he was a man with high status.

He could get many women and it was all too easy for him.

Therefore, he had long disregarded ordinary women.

When he suddenly saw Su Bei, he started thinking about her.


Pang, thats Su Bei.

Shes a supermodel and is very famous.

Shes filming a movie now, and Lu Group is investing in it.

Perhaps she has the backing of Lu Group.” The man behind him had a smile on his face.

He wanted to please Mr.

Pang, but he didnt dare to touch anything related to Lu Group.

Even someone like Mr.

Pang might not dare to touch a woman related to Lu Group, let alone him.


Pang, let me find you some pretty ones…” He continued with a smile.

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